Eating Habits to Help Stay Happy Over the Winter

November 5, 2018 |

During the long winter days, it is common to feel tired and unhappy. The lack of warmth and sun can certainly affect your mood. For this reason, we have put together a list of mood-boosting foods to help you make it through the season with a smile. Eat Plenty of Citrus – The smell of

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Six Healthy Comfort Food Recipes to Help You Keep Warm This Season

October 27, 2018 |

Preparing comfort food doesn’t always mean unhealthy meals that are overindulgent. In fact, there are many healthy variations on classic comfort meals that taste just as good, if not better, and still provide you with that hearty, warm feeling that makes them so enjoyable. Eating meals full of whole, unrefined ingredients will make you and

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Myths About Weight Management

October 17, 2018 |

You will often hear a variety of advice about weight loss. How to lose it, how to keep it off, what to do, what not to do, what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and more. While this advice may come from a well-meaning place, it’s often incorrect. Here is a list of some

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Three Steps to Obtaining a Nutritionist Certification in Canada

October 10, 2018 |

Once you’ve decided that you want to pursue becoming a holistic nutritionist, obtaining your certification is an important step on your career journey. If you are unsure of how to go about achieving this, here are three different ways. Becoming a Nutritionist Certification and Diploma Enroll in a Holistic Nutrition School – When you enroll

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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Nutrition Course

October 5, 2018 |

When selecting a nutrition training course to prepare for a career as a holistic nutritionist, there are several important questions to ask in determining whether the institution you’re looking into is going to provide you with the necessary skills to succeed. Does the Course Provide a Recognized Nutrition Qualification? – Is the school recognized by

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How to Use Nutrition Labels Effectively

September 27, 2018 |

When shopping for food, all of the labels, colours, and shelf layouts can make it a bit tricky to find what you’re looking for and what is healthy for you and your family. An efficient way to make things easier when deciding is to take advantage of the labels posted on food. When you know

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Three Ways to Effectively Manage Your Weight

September 17, 2018 |

Many individuals are overweight, or carry a few pounds they wish they didn’t have. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Simple changes to how we eat and live our lives can prevent weight gain, and help us lose and keep off weight we already have. Remember, these will take

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Eating to Manage Stress

September 10, 2018 |

How and what you eat can have an impact on your stress levels. Simple things from skipping meals to how much coffee you have in a day can contribute significantly to your overall wellbeing. If you often find yourself stressed out or tense, consider the following eating and lifestyle tips and strategies to help better

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Stocking a Healthy Fridge

September 5, 2018 |

Eating healthy can sometimes be challenging. We tend to eat what is convenient. If you open your fridge, odds are you’re more likely to consume things you see first. This is why it’s important to keep healthy foods at eye level. These tips on how to properly stock your fridge for healthy eating will make

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