Three Steps to Obtaining a Nutritionist Certification in Canada

October 10, 2018 |

Once you’ve decided that you want to pursue becoming a holistic nutritionist, obtaining your certification is an important step on your career journey. If you are unsure of how to go about achieving this, here are three different ways. Becoming a Nutritionist Certification and Diploma Enroll in a Holistic Nutrition School – When you enroll

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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Nutrition Course

October 5, 2018 |

When selecting a nutrition training course to prepare for a career as a holistic nutritionist, there are several important questions to ask in determining whether the institution you’re looking into is going to provide you with the necessary skills to succeed. Does the Course Provide a Recognized Nutrition Qualification? – Is the school recognized by

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The Keys to Finding Success as a Holistic Nutritionist

June 5, 2018 |

Reasons to Consider a Career in the Field of Holistic Nutrition There are undoubtedly countless stories of people who have witnessed their parents and other loved ones struggle with various health-related issues, particularly as these family members reached the later stages of their respective lives.  In these instances, medical conditions affecting the heart and circulatory

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The Inherent Attributes for a Career as a Holistic Nutritionist

April 10, 2018 |

Consider a Career as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Are you at that stage in your life when it is time to make a career decision?  Perhaps you are looking to set out on your initial career path or maybe you just want to pursue a new or different profession to rekindle your motivation or take

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The Role of a Holistic Nutritionist

March 29, 2018 |

There are statistics available to unequivocally support that people are living longer today than those from past generations, but there is also considerable data demonstrating that today’s society is experiencing a much higher incidence of chronic illness; in short, even though we are able to prolong our lifespans, our quality of life in those additional

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The Importance of Continuing Education


Although our structured education system typically comes to a conclusion after the post-secondary phase, it would be safe to say that learning should never really end. Process improvements, technological advances, and the outcomes of research and development initiatives are some of the reasons why health practitioners need to keep their levels of knowledge current and

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Why Attend Edison Institute of Nutrition

July 10, 2017 |

Established in 1996, Edison Institute of Nutrition provides in-depth distance training in integrative orthomolecular holistic nutrition and has launched thousands successful careers. The importance of nutrition for the human body has been the subject of interest for researchers and scientists since times gone by. Today, the field of nutritional science enjoys the same significance due

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