Considering a Career in Holistic Nutrition?

January 5, 2020 |

Holistic nutrition is a rapidly growing field based on the knowledge that nutrition and lifestyle changes can treat the whole body rather than only a focus on individual symptoms. It is expected that the job opportunities for nutritionists will increase by 15 percent over the next decade. If you are passionate about educating others on

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Three Ways to Make Drinking Wine A Little Healthier

December 10, 2019 |

With the holidays fast approaching, celebrating with drinks is probably on the agenda. Along with the rest of the treats of the holidays, it is wise to think about how you can make them healthier. If you’re looking for a way to make your wine indulgence a bit healthier, consider the following tips. Balance Your

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How to Get Rid of Uncomfortable Bloating

November 10, 2019 |

After you eat, you may begin to feel some digestive discomfort. This can come with many symptoms, but one of the most common is bloating. While bloating sounds like it may not be a big deal, it can be quite uncomfortable and debilitating. Knowing the reason for your bloating can be difficult. While a certain

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Seven Sweeteners That Are Paleo-Friendly

October 5, 2019 |

The paleo diet subscribes to the belief that we should eat like our ancestors. Essentially, if an item was unable to be accessed by a caveman as it wasn’t naturally occurring, we shouldn’t be consuming it either. This means that the majority of a paleo diet is focused on unprocessed, unrefined, non-packaged foods. This can

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Drinking Lemon Water During Pregnancy. Is It Safe?

August 5, 2019 |
Lime Juice During Early Pregnancy

Is lemon water safe to drink while pregnant? The answer is yes. If you use it in moderation, including lemon juice in your diet is safe. Overconsumption, however, can cause you to detox too quickly, which is bad for both you and your baby. As with anything in life, moderation is key, but also be

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Nutritionist Recommended Ways to Stop Weekend Overeating

May 27, 2019 |

A lot of people eat healthily during the week and then indulge on the weekend. This is often a healthy way to eat, as higher calorie days that are followed by lower calorie days can actually benefit our bodies. If, however, you feel physically or mentally unwell after weekend overeating, consider changing the habit. This

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5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Gut Health

May 5, 2019 |

Generally, a healthy gut is full of bacteria, both good and bad, numbering around 100 trillion. As long as there are more good bacteria than bad, you’ll feel fine. The bacteria help with our metabolism and digestion and break down what we can’t ourselves. We often don’t think about our gut bacteria unless we are

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Ridding Trans Fats from Your Body

April 27, 2019 |

Recently, trans fats have been banned in a few countries. It has been determined that trans-fat is unsafe for consumption and can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. While you may be worried about the trans fat already in your body, the sooner you stop eating any food that contains

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The Science Behind Emotional Eating

April 17, 2019 |

Sometimes, instead of dealing with our emotions, we may choose to eat something instead. This is known as emotional eating and is a bad habit to get into. By choosing to work out our issues through food, we’re actually putting ourselves at risk of more stress and problems in the long run. Our experts have

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Eating Habits to Help Stay Happy Over the Winter

November 5, 2018 |

During the long winter days, it is common to feel tired and unhappy. The lack of warmth and sun can certainly affect your mood. For this reason, we have put together a list of mood-boosting foods to help you make it through the season with a smile. Eat Plenty of Citrus – The smell of

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