Mentorship Program

Practitioner Diploma Program or Equivalent Diploma In Holistic Nutrition.

Mentorship has become an effective, and many believe, essential part of natural health care study. For graduates of a Holistic Practitioner Program (minimum requirement), this resource expedites the learning process that increases a student’s confidence and effectiveness as a consultant.

The Mentorship Program assists in the transition from book learning to practical application. Practicing consultants may also find the program useful as a second-opinion resource for more complex cases.

Each mentorship period (6 months) provides assistance with a maximum of four cases, of the student’s choice, including follow-up on these cases during this same period. General information questions may be asked as well. Students of this program will be able to communicate with their mentor by phone, Skype or WhatsApp and e-mail.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the program is $675.00 CND for a six-month period, with the option of renewing for an additional six-month period for $575.00. 

Applicable taxes will be added based on the student’s location.


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