Introduction Program

fun family mealtimeThe Introduction to Holistic Nutrition Program is for everyone who is interested in their own health and the health of their family.

This program can be customized to the individual. The parent, the grandparent, the athlete, the young, the middle aged and the young at heart will find what they are looking for in the elective subject selection.

The Introductory Program includes three base subjects plus your choice of one elective subject.

Base Subjects

  • NUTRF Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • PHYS2 Digestion
  • ECOL2 Allergies
  • ELECTIVE – Select one from below

Elective Subjects

You may choose one elective.

  • NUTR5B Pediatric Nutrition
  • NUTR8A Nutrition & Aging
  • PHYS3 Nutritional Cardiology
  • NUTR9B Body-Mind Nutrition
  • NUTR6A Sports Nutrition

All of the subjects in the Introduction to Nutrition program are also included in diploma program. This means that if you want to continue learning and want proceed to the diploma program, you have a head start.

Please Note: the Introductory Program is not a prerequisite to the Diploma in Holistic Nutrition Program.

When you complete the Introduction to Holistic Nutrition program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

How Long Does The Program Take?

This will depend on how fast you comprehend and absorb information and on how much time you have available for study. At only 14 hours per week, you will complete the program in about 6 months. If you study full-time at 41 hours per week, you could finish in less than 2 months. The maximum time frame for completion is 12 months from the start date.

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