Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Competency Achieved: Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN) 2000 hours.

The Online Diploma in Holistic Nutrition Program is an in-depth education curriculum with content that is not available through any other holistic nutrition program.  This program is recommended for someone who desires to become a Nutritional Consultant who counsels the public and to qualify for designation with a professional organization or association such as the CANNP, IONC or NANP.

The online program consists of 29 subjects that have been organized into 6 modules according to logical groupings and prerequisites totaling 2000 hours. Dividing the curriculum into modules allows you to progress one step at a time, with meaningful guideposts along the way. Each module consists of approximately 5 subjects. Our online program allows you to manage your study time in relation to other life commitments while still reaching your goals. 

Payment Options

One Time Payment: $4,300.00 (tuition only)
A $500.00 saving over the Pay by the Module plan


Pay by the Module: EIN has a unique pay-as-you-learn plan.

For more Information on payment options visit our Program Fees page.

Practitioner Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN)

ModulePart timeFull timeHours
121 weeks7 weeks300
223 weeks8 weeks320
325 weeks8 weeks340
428 weeks10 weeks400
517 weeks6 weeks240
628 weeks10 weeks400
Total Weeks142 weeks49 weeks2000
Total Years3 years1 year

Module 1

BIOLT1Biology T13
NUTRF A & BFundamentals of Nutrition6
Total: 15

Module 2

BIOLT2Biology T22
ECOL1CEcology of the Soil2
NUTR3CScience of Food6
NUTR5DPediatric Nutrition3
Total: 16

Module 3

BIOLT3Biology T32
NUTR7BEnvironmental Toxicity3
PHYS1Anatomy & Physiology7
Total: 17

Module 4

BIOLT4Biology T42
NUTR6ASports Nutrition3
PHYS3BNutritional Cardiology3
PHYS4Nutritional Endocrinology2
SYMP1Nutritional Symptomatology10
Total: 20
Mid-Term Exam – 3 Hours 15 minutes

Module 5

BIOL3A"The Epigenome"2
CHEM3Lipid Metabolism3
NUTR8BNutrition and Aging3
NUTR9BBody-Mind Nutrition3
Total : 12

Module 6

CLIN2Diet Psychology1
CLIN4Comparative Diets3
CLIN5Therapeutic Nutrition II6
SYMP2Advanced Nutrition Practice10
Total: 20
Final Exam - 3 Hours 15 minutes
Total Program Hours2006

Module 7 – Optional

BUS3Business of Wellness Consulting80


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