Continuing Education Units

Practitioners are required to meet a specific amount of educational upgrading hours (CEU’s) per year in order to maintain and renew their association yearly membership. This assures the public that current educational standards are maintained.

Available Continuing Education Courses:Hours:Tuition:
BUS3 - The Business of Wellness Consulting45 $590.00
SYMP1 - Nutritional Symptomatology200$480.00
SYMP2 - Advanced Nutrition Practice200$480.00
NUTR5D - Pediatric Nutrition60$144.00
HERB3 - Herbology40$ 96.00
BIOL3A - The Epigenome20$ 96.00
CLIN7 - Prescription Drug-Nutrient Interaction120$288.00
NUTR6A - Sports Nutrition60$144.00
CLIN2 - Diet Psychology20$ 48.00
NPP - Nutritional Preceptorship Program3$ 25.00
CHCP - Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner64$1399.00
PHYS5 - Amino Acids60$144.00
HPTK - The Holistic Practitioners Toolkit15$359.00
LCM - Live Cell Microscopy35$1200.00
IMT - Introduction to Muscle Testing4$69.00
MB - Metabolic Balance25$1499.00

Please Note: Other subjects from the curriculum need to be discussed with a Co-Director of Edison Institute of Nutrition.

*Text, materials and shipping are not included in tuition fees.


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