Edison Institute and Metabolic Balance® strives to create
excellence in health and balance with food!

We value our affiliation with Metabolic Balance®, Canada

Our goal is to bring our students and graduates the best possible education and opportunity for future success.

Creating personal meal plans for clients is time-consuming and, most of all, extremely challenging. Metabolic Balance® helps busy practitioners provide highly personalized meal plans for their clients with the done-for-you system at the click of a mouse.  This leading, science-based, holistic weight management program specializes in giving support to nutritional consultants just like yourself.

What does this mean for you? It not only makes things simpler and saves you valuable time, but also helps you achieve increased measurable results with your clients. In the development of the meal plan, Metabolic Balance® considers your client’s lab values, medical history, current health problems, medications, and overall lifestyle, including their food aversions, intolerances, and allergies.

The Metabolic Balance® program was developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack in Isen, Germany, in 2002. Metabolic Balance® has become a global company established in more than 35 countries. As of today, more than a million clients have embraced this program worldwide.

This individualized nutritional plan is based upon 36 blood values and each client’s unique health profile. It is designed to balance hormones, regulate metabolism and bring about ideal body weight.

You now have the opportunity to study to become a Metabolic Balance® coach and offer your clients this individualized plan of action which can optimize their weight and increase their energy!

As an EIN graduate, you qualify to complete the Metabolic Balance® coach’s training. By adding the Metabolic Balance® coaching certification to your practitioner’s toolkit, you will be set apart from other health professionals. The Metabolic Balance® coach training is now offered right here at Edison Institute of Nutrition. You can learn in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. This course includes the required curriculum, consisting of video lectures and handout notes.

Completion of this course will qualify you as a Metabolic Balance® coach.

This program qualifies Graduates for 25 hours continuing education through NANP and IONC.

To enroll, Click Here and submit a continuing education online application.








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