Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner

Cancer Education and Management

This live webinar/home study course examines the possible causes of cancer and its links to diet, lifestyle and environment, with an in depth look at current medical treatments, natural treatments and preventative strategies. This is a very extensive training that will provide the practitioner with every resource available to make a difference and to empower clients diagnosed with cancer.

Course Description

Teaches what cancer is and its possible causes.
How diet and lifestyle can both cause and prevent cancer. Covers types of cancer and current medical treatments for each one. Teaches natural interventions for those with cancer, including dietary, nutritional, lifestyle and mental/emotional strategies and other alternative therapies.

Adam Vacon – “I am attending Edison Institute’s Cancer Practitioner Program and am loving it. There is nothing out there that provides me with the theory, science, and practical useful tools to help people with Cancer.”

Course Objectives

This course will enable students to:

Understand what cancer is and its possible causes. Understand which dietary and lifestyle strategies increase a person’s risk for cancer development. Develop and implement cancer preventative strategies. Understand common medical protocols for a person diagnosed with cancer. Develop and implement a specific dietary and lifestyle strategy for a person living with cancer. Work with those who have cancer in the health care role.

Textbook Requirements

Cancer Step Outside the Box – Ty Bollinger, 6th Edition, 2014

*This textbook is not included. Please order from amazon.ca in Canada or amazon.com outside of Canada.

Course Cost:
$1399 +HST – includes course manual. Shipping of manual is additional based on location. Please allow at least 2 weeks for shipping and preparation prior to first webinar date.   

Shipping within Ontario: $25.00 l All other provinces $30.00 l USA $50.00 l International: estimate provided.  

Total of 3 Days through Live Webinar Classroom plus 5 days home study. Home study must be completed before Live Webinar Dates.

Course Outline PDF link

Live Webinar Dates

(3) Saturdays: Next course will be September 15th, October 15th, November 12th, 2022. 

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*This course is open to Certified/Registered Health Care Practitioners Only.

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Susan Schroeter – “I am attending Edison Institute’s Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner Course and am thoroughly enjoying it and learning so much. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here, gaining so much wisdom that I know I can apply in my practice.”

“Intense! Sooo much info, sooo much more to learn. Loved the discussion and hearing others ideas and veiwpoints.”

S.S. – Aurora, ON

“Thank you Lynne & Marlene at Edison Institute for offering this amazing CHCP course! Thank you Alisa, your marketing tools and wonderful insights are second to none. I now have a greater understanding of cancer from an allopathic and naturopathic point of view. I feel very confident in client management with natural therapies. I will be able to make recommendations and support any client with cancer. The participation with all the interaction of the students made it so easy and interesting. I have loved every minute of this wonderful training. God bless you all.”

M.B. – Mississauga, ON

“I loved it! Very informative! I liked the detailed notes; they are easy to follow and well organized.”

S.E. – Sault Saint Marie, ON

“I thought this course was extremely beneficial. I learned a great deal about cancer, how it works and the treatments typically utilized in care. More importantly, it opened my eyes to a whole new world of prevention and treatment techniques that are holistic and naturally based. It allowed me to expand my beliefs in alternative/complimentary treatments and prevention techniques and understand the CAM techniques many of my clients are exploring at this time. The course really allowed me to rethink not only my life and how healthy I’m living it, but understand how to protect myself and others against cancer. Further, it informed me of the negative effects of cancer treatment and that there are complimentary treatments that truly benefit from side effect management, prevention or recurrence and minimizing risks of exposure to cancer treatments.

I enjoyed hearing from others with a more natural treatment background and being able to utilize their expertise. The information was extensive and informative and was presented and explained well. The fact that you can return to the seminars to review was extremely helpful and the information that I left with in terms of ongoing/lasting reference is extremely beneficial. The course has led me in a very different direction in terms of my future and I hope to help others in a more holistic way as a result. I thank you for the course and feel, for me, it was quite life changing.”

K.B. – Toronto, ON

I am loving this course let me tell ya! So so interesting! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and brilliance!!!

T. M. – Kitchener, ON


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