Business of Wellness Consulting Course

Course Description

The Business of Wellness Consulting Course is a business-mentoring course, which bridges the gap between your health specialty and the operation of a successful wellness practice.

Business Goals

It is crucial for new graduates and those already in practice, to ensure that they know how to effectively run their business and create a solid foundation for an ongoing client base.

Based on years of research, the Business of Wellness Course will show you how to identify your niche market, establish pricing, write wellness programs, run corporate programs, increase client compliance and improve your bottom line!

This course will show you how to write your business and marketing plan, giving you a clear road map for success!


What Will I Learn?

How to identify who your wellness clients are and how to attract them

How to establish pricing for a profitable practice

How to create a marketing plan to bring awareness to your programs, services and products

How to design and run group/corporate programs.

How to connect with your clients for improved results

How to create a plan for growth  of your business      

How to follow up and gain referrals from current clients        

 Course Materials by Alisa Herriman, ROHP, CHCP

  • Lifetime access to online course
  • 3 Online classes
  • Private Group Support
  • BONUS module on social media marketing


Alisa Herriman, ROHP, CHCP

Alisa has been a practicing Nutritionist for more than 15 years, with specializations in Nutrition for those with Cancer. She is a greatly sought out educator, and  Success Coach who has been mentoring Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Practitioners since 2011.  Alisa’s workshops and lectures are highly sought after!

Alisa’s business experience also includes implementing Corporate Wellness Programming and Events for small and large based employers, teaching a Business Development Courses, and teaching Business Education classes for Ontario Works. 

Alisa has also grown a successful organization in Direct Sales and reached the top level of the Marketing Plan in only 18 months! Alisa has since gone on to grow a strong organization that spreads throughout Canada, and has had the opportunity speak on both Nutrition and Business Leadership coast to coast.

In addition to all of this Alisa is a dedicated mom of four young children and understands the challenges of balancing family life while have a successful career.

Course Fee: $590.00

Course Format

Once you are enrolled you will receive confirmation email from Alisa Herriman on your access to the online course materials with guidance for getting started.

Enrollment is ONLY available 3 times annually (January, May and September).

You will be notified of your online class schedule upon enrollment.

Online Classes are done via Zoom and recorded in case you miss one.

Online Classes: Starts September 27th, 2021

Live Webinar Dates: October 28th, November 25th, December 16th, 2021

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