Metabolic Balance

Edison Institute and metabolic balance® strives to create excellence in health and balance with food!

We value our affiliation with metabolic balance®, Germany. Our goal is to bring our students and graduates the best possible education and opportunity for future success.

The metabolic balance® program was developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack in Isen Germany, 2002.

This individualized nutritional plan is based on 36 blood values and the client’s unique health profile in order to balance hormones, regulate metabolism and bring about ideal body weight. metabolic balance® has become a global company established in more than 35 countries. As of 2011, more than half a million clients have embraced this program worldwide.

Now you can study to become a metabolic balance® coach and offer your clients this individualized plan of action to optimize their heath and increase energy!

As an EIN graduate, you qualify to complete the metabolic balance® coach’s training. metabolic balance® offers webinar training through our distance education program. This qualifies you to practice as a metabolic balance® coach with supervision by medical doctors in Germany.  To become fully certified, you will be required to complete in-class training.

To learn more about becoming a metabolic balance® coach contact:

Vera Jamin-Wirth

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