How to Become Certified as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner

As cancer becomes more and more prevalent, holistic nutritionists see an increase in cancer patients in their practice. Many holistic nutritionists are opting to become educated on natural cancer management techniques by becoming certified as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner. The online Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP) course at the Edison Institute of Nutrition delves into an explanation of various cancers, their possible causes, and how diet and lifestyle choices can either cause or prevent cancer.

What You Will Learn

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. These cancer cells have the ability to migrate through the body through the blood and lymph systems, a condition known as metastasis. The Edison Institute Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner course takes an in-depth look at current medical protocols and natural cancer treatments as well as preventative strategies. Extensive training provides aspiring holistic cancer practitioners with the knowledge to empower cancer patients and make a real difference in their lives. Students come away with an understanding of cancer from a naturopathic point of view and they gain confidence in participating in case discussions with medical healthcare workers.

Treating Cancer

The Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner course is a holistic cancer online certification program that takes an individualized, integrative approach designed to combine natural interventions with traditional medical protocols. Students learn about specific dietary and nutritional strategies that prevent cancer development in healthy individuals and manage cancer once it is diagnosed. The course also discusses lifestyle choices such as exercise and their relationship to cancer treatment. The Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner course also focuses on mental and emotional cancer treatment strategies including meditation.

Strategies for Cancer Patients

The course covers natural protocols for Biological Terrain Management through Live Cell Microscopy, specific dietary, exercise and meditation recommendations, and supplements that can help manage cancer. The benefits of chemotherapy, radiation and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins are also discussed due to their important role in helping cancer patients. Holistic cancer treatment students will also learn about protecting the organs from radiation and the techniques that benefit a patient after radiation.

The online Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner course at the Edison Institute of Nutrition is open to Certified Health Care Practitioners. The course will convey certification as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner. Contact the Edison Institute for upcoming course dates.


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