What’s The Difference Between The Edison Institute And Other Schools?

While many schools build their programs around a combination of holistic nutrition and mainstream dietician/medical teaching, The Edison Institute’s program is based only on holistic functional nutrition. This gives you a more direct window into the art and science of holistic nutrition beyond what many other programs offer.

We offer a very in-depth curriculum consisting 0f 2000 hours. 

You’ll learn the detailed concepts of critical thinking when it comes to assessing your clients, creating personalized nutrient and supplement recommendations, as well as advanced health issues and how to work with serious cases.

You’ll learn the nutritional interpretation of blood testing, hair analysis and many other forms of testing. You’ll also gain access to knowledge on the use and benefits of homeopathic drainage which is not available in any other program.

In every field, there are many that have textbook knowledge but do not know how to put it into action. That’s why your Edison Institute instructors are dedicated to working with you live  one-on-one  to ensure you are ready to practice with confidence! In particular, we offer two full courses on how to structure your client appointments and assessments. – SYMP1 and SYMP2.

When comparing available programs, make sure you compare the course curriculum in detail and be sure of what your learning outcomes will be, not just the cost or convenience of the program.