In addition to the following educational prerequisites, applicants must have sound moral character, maturity, academic aptitude, and commitment to the study of nutrition.  EIN reserves the right to admit or reject applicants at its sole discretion at any point in the admissions process. EIN is non-discriminating; it welcomes students of all races, ages, religious beliefs, abilities, national origin and marital status.

The Introduction to Holistic Nutrition

This program is open to anyone interested in pursuing education to support their own health or that of their family. There are no prerequisites for this program.

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Students may enroll in the Practitioner Program with a Canadian high school diploma (grade XII) or its equivalency.  Mature student status may be granted to anyone who is over age 21.

Postgraduate Mentorship Program

Open to graduates who have completed the EIN Diploma Program or an equivalent program as deemed so by EIN.  

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education subjects and courses are available for practitioners to increase their knowledge base and meet the required upgrading hours for their association membership.

Advanced Program for Health Professionals 

Transfer credits may be awarded for post-secondary courses related to EIN’s curriculum (i.e. Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry) completed by the student at other institutions. These courses must meet EIN’s standards and the requirements of the specific program, at EIN’s discretion. Students wishing to apply for transfer credits must have the issuing institution send official transcripts directly to EIN. A fee of $80.00 will be charged for the Transfer Credit Assessment. Upon review of official transcripts, exemptions will be given for completed subjects deemed to be the equivalent of EIN course subjects. In such cases, a customized program will be created for you.  Those who have prior education in nutrition or related fields may have fewer subjects to complete from the diploma program curriculum.

Transferring to Another Institution

Other institutions may or may not accept transfer credits for subjects completed at EIN.  We recommend that you speak directly with the college or university you plan to attend, to determine their policy and requirements. EIN will, upon your written request, provide for that institution an official transcript of your record at EIN. A $25.00 fee applies for this service.

Confidentiality of Records

EIN respects the confidential nature of student’s records. We consider the following information about each student to be directory information: name, address, telephone number, email address, program enrolled in and date of enrolment. We also recognize your right of access to your own records.

EIN maintains detailed school and student records for seven years. Transcripts are kept for 30 years. Changes in personal or enrollment information – including change of name, address, email, phone, fax or payment information must be reported to the registrar.


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