Grading & Testing

Essay assignments and theses are evaluated on an A, B, C basis. Objective type tests are evaluated on the basis of a percentage of correct answers. On official transcripts, EIN translates all achievements into the A, B, C system, according to the following schedule. EIN does not use the grade point system; however, grade point equivalents are also given below for purposes of comparison.

GradeGPA Percent Rating
A+4.395-100 Exceptional
A4.090-94 Excellent
A-3.7 85-89 Very Good
B+ 3.3 80-84 Good
B3.0 75-79 Satisfactory
B-2.770-74 Fair
C+ 2.365-69 Pass
C2.060-64 Marginal
F0.059-below Fail

A grade of B+ or above is required for successful completion of all core nutrition EIN subjects. Students who do not achieve successful completion grades in a given subject may, at EIN’s discretion, be allowed to repeat that subject, after having received constructive suggestions from a faculty advisor.

First Class Honors will be awarded to students with an overall average of 90% or greater.

Note: To qualify for designation with the CANNP or IONC, students must obtain a grade of at least “B+” in all core nutrition subjects in the Practitioner Program and in the mid-term and final exams. For information on the CANNP or IONC see Official Recognition under the About Us section.

Testing and Examination Procedures

After successful completion of modules 1-4 of the Practitioner Diploma Program, each student must pass a mid-term proctored examination before proceeding to modules 5 & 6. After successful completion of modules 5 & 6 of the Practitioner Diploma Program, each student must pass a final proctored examination before a diploma is awarded. An exam date will be included on the “student time tracking form” provided by EIN.

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