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  • The Continuing Education registration fee is $50.00
  • No registration fee is required for CHCP*, IMT1, HPTK* and LCM*
  • The subjects offered vary in price. Please call for exact cost (tuition, texts & shipping)
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I fully understand that all the course and study materials supplied to me by Edison Institute of Nutrition (EIN) are for my own personal use only. I agree not to share this confidential information with any other person, group, company or organization. I agree not to reproduce or transmit the whole or any part of this course by any means whatever, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or by any information storage and retrieval system.

I hereby fully understand and agree that acceptance by EIN is provisional and that I may be removed from any EIN instructional program at any time, without recourse, for failure to meet its standards. I agree to complete the continuing education subject within the allotted time frame for the subject or no longer than one year from the start date.

I agree to accept all financial conditions and agreements. Continuing education registration, tuition, textbook, materials and shipping fees are non-refundable.

I clearly understand that nutrition is a science of wellness whose sole purpose is to teach me how to build and maintain nutritional well-being, both for myself and others. I also understand that the teachings or methods of nutrition are not for the purpose of diagnosing disease or for providing medical advice and should I engage in such behaviour, I do so entirely at my own risk and discretion. If medical care should be required, it is the recommendation of EIN and its authors and publishers that capable, qualified medical personnel be consulted.

EIN offers its published material and courses simply for informational purposes, and I specifically relieve EIN and its authors and publishers from any responsibility for the consequences of following any of the recommendations contained in material offered by EIN.

I understand that EIN's programs are not designed to meet any national, state or local licensing or credentialing laws and that it is my responsibility to investigate this area thoroughly.

I release EIN and/or its authors, publishers and instructors from any damages, claims or liabilities whatsoever, as a result of the information presented.

I hereby certify that all of the above information presented by me is true and accurate.

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