The Benefits of Enrolling in a Holistic Health Program

December 10, 2017 |

If you are the type that prefers to take the natural approach to health and wellness, then enrolling in a holistic health program might be the right step for you. Holistic nutrition focuses on taking a natural approach to lifestyle, diet, and detoxification. Taking a course in this field of knowledge can improve your wellness, your

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Eating Healthy During the Holidays as a Family

December 5, 2017 |

The holidays are here, which means family gatherings, nights out, and tons of holiday activities filling up the calendar. Amidst the chaos, it is hard to keep up with healthy eating, and you might find yourself slipping on your balanced diet. While you are going from one place to another and handling holiday events throughout

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Should You Take Calcium Supplements?

November 10, 2017 |

You take a calcium supplement to strengthen your bones, and while calcium does help strengthen your bones, it can also lead to health risks. Deciding whether you need a calcium supplement is more than just buying some and taking them. Instead, you must consider your health, diet, and the risks of doing so. How Much

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How to Avoid an Iron Deficiency During Pregnancy

November 5, 2017 |

Iron is a required mineral in pregnancy, and the requirements are much higher for a woman at this time than when she is not pregnant. Your body produces more blood to support the growth of your baby. If you’re getting Iron Deficiency, your body might not be able to produce the amount of red blood cells

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10 Nutritional Deficiencies That Cause Depression

October 26, 2017 |

Depression influences around 14.8 million grown-ups in the U.S. That is around 7 percent of the whole populace 18 years old and older. What we understand, is that nutritional deficiencies play an expansive role in reducing our ability to regulate our psychological well-being. In an exclusive guide below, we’ll cover 10 of the most commonly

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Healthy Smoothie Making Tips

October 10, 2017 |

Smoothies have become more and more popular because of the amount of nutrients they can contain. This thick beverage is a blend of raw fruits and vegetables, with water or beverages made form almonds, rice, coconut or teas. The health of a smoothie depends on its ingredients. If the blend if not right, it might

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Facts about Goji Berries

October 5, 2017 |

Goji berry, also known as wolfberry, is a very powerful antioxidant fruit from a Chinese plant, which can be eaten raw, cooked, or dried. Over the years, interest in goji berries have increased for their novelty and supposed nutrient value. They have been termed as a super-fruit. In traditional medicine, the whole fruit or its

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Natural Cancer Fighting Foods

September 10, 2017 |

Cancer is a critical worldwide medical problem affecting a large number of individuals every year. The primary cause behind such high death rates from the disease is because of anomalous practices of specific cells, which generally brings about cancer cell progression, tumor development, and metastasis. Numerous cancer survivors have been smart to use a combination

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15 Foods to avoid with High Blood Pressure

August 10, 2017 |

Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps it around your body. It’s a vital part of how your heart and circulation works. Your blood pressure naturally goes up and down all the time, adjusting to your heart’s needs depending on the activities you are

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How to use Edison’s Institute’s Distance Learning to further your career in Nutrition?

August 5, 2017 |

The current challenges facing traditional colleges and universities, including higher tuition, budget cuts, and course shortages, have caused many students to search for alternatives. With nearly three million students currently enrolled in online degree programs and six million taking at least one online course as part of their degree program, online education has clearly become

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