About Edison

The Edison Institute of Nutrition (EIN) was established in 1996. EIN is an International Holistic Nutrition school providing online in-depth distance learning in integrative orthomolecular holistic nutrition. Students across Canada, the USA, and many countries around the world have enjoyed the benefits of EIN’s comprehensive online programs. EIN’s Diploma in Holistic Nutrition program prepares our graduates to be competent and confident in their nutritional consulting role whether in private practice, clinical settings or corporate environments. Graduates are qualified for recognition; registration and the designations offered by several Nutrition Associations.

Our graduates understand that the human body is a unique and powerful self – regulating organism. It has an innate ability to heal itself and to keep itself healthy – if given the nutrients and conditions it needs to do so. Thus, the more we know about the body’s nutritional needs, the greater control we have over our own health and lives. 

EIN is a school without walls. Students work at their own pace in the comfort of their own homes, wherever in the world they are located. Our course curriculum is accessed through the student portal on our website. Faculty and students also communicate with each other via telephone, internet chat group, email, FaceBook, Skype, live webinar, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn. All instruction, textbooks and supporting materials are in the English language.

Our programs combine the latest scientific research with ageless truths practiced by traditional societies. You will study nutrition from many different perspectives. The more viewpoints to which you are exposed, the more you will be able to see a larger, more complete picture. You will be better equipped to assess the merits of new ideas you come across than if your studies had been only from a single perspective based on nutritional concepts and theories. When you study with us, you will learn how to apply science and evidence-based principles to everyday health problems.

Our goal is to teach students to evaluate and understand the root cause of ill health and provide the knowledge, direction, tools to make effective and concrete positive changes with yourself, your family and clientele. The critical thinking skills obtained in this program will enable you to guide your clients to optimum health!

EIN’s online distance learning program is intended to:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of orthomolecular human nutrition and its role in health and disease.
  • Apply sound scientific principles to the giving of practical nutritional advice.
  • Train health care professionals to practice nutrition from a focus that recognizes the uniqueness of every individual.
  • Prepare graduates to work as nutrition counselors on holistic health care teams and as nutritional consultants to both individuals and organizations.
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