Using Holistic Nutrition For Beautiful Skin

Using Holistic Nutrition For Beautiful Skin | Online Nutrition Training Course & Diplomas | Edison Institute of Nutrition

Everyone wants clear and healthy skin.

Sometimes we’ll even go to the extent of paying for expensive cleansers, creams, and serums to achieve this.

However, if you’re skin isn’t healthy in the first place, those fancy products will only go so far.

Unhealthy skin on the outside can reflect an unhealthy digestive and bowel system.

If you’re looking at obtaining a holistic nutrition certification online, then you probably already have an idea of the role nutrition plays in keeping you healthy – both inside and out.

Today we’ll have a look at some of the foods to eat to keep your skin looking its best.

Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin

You probably have an idea of foods which aren’t great for your skin.

Foods which are high in sugar, deep fried foods, and salty snacks all have a bad reputation when it comes to maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Today, we’re going to turn the focus on foods which promote healthy skin – so keep reading to learn what foods you can use to keep your skin looking fantastic.


“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Whether you think of it as a fruit, or a vegetable, the one thing you can know about this versatile food, is that it’s great for your skin.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, as well as carotenoids, including lycopene, lutein, and beta carotene.

These carotenoids help prevent against sun damage and may help prevent wrinkles.

Eating tomatoes with a source of fat such as olive oil or cheese can help with the absorption of carotenoids.

Vitamin C has a long list of other benefits as well, including maintaining stronger hair, maintaining good eye health, helping you burn fat, and even helping you manage stress.

Fatty Fish

Salmon, herring, and mackerel are all examples of fish which can help keep skin healthy.

This is largely due to the fact they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep skin moisturized, and reduce inflammation.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

In addition to omega-3s, fish are great sources of vitamin E and zinc.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps protect skin from sun damage caused by free radicals.

Fish also is a great source of zinc which is great for overall skin health.

If you happen to have an autoimmune disease that affects your skin, like eczema, omega 3 can be an effective holistic nutrition treatment for eczema.

Sunflower Seeds

Nuts and seeds are great sources of nutrients which are good for your skin.

Just watch you’re not getting sunflower seeds which are overly seasoned in salt, as too much salt is not great for skin.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

Just one ounce of sunflower seeds is high in many nutrients, including vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and protein.

Each of these is great for skin health, and has a variety of other benefits as well.

Selenium, for example, work as a holistic nutrition solution for depression, and works to support thyroid health.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise, green veggies are good for your skin.

Broccoli, in particular, is jam packed with skin boosting benefits.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

Some of the many things in broccoli which make it great for your skin include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc
  • Lutein

Additionally, broccoli florets are a source of sulforaphane, which is protective against sun damage and may have anti skin cancer properties.

That’s just one of the solutions you’ll learn about if you take our certified holistic cancer coach practitioner program.

Dark Chocolate

We’ve already mentioned eating too much sugar isn’t great for skin, so you may be wondering what chocolate is doing on this list.

Although many of us think of oversweet chocolate bars and candy when we think of chocolate, it’s important to remember dark chocolate, and cocoa in particular is in a class of its own.

Just be sure you’re reaching for chocolate which is low in added sugar, and at least 70% cocoa.

What Makes It So Great For Your Skin?

A study in the Journal of Nutrition looked at the effects of a high antioxidant cocoa powder, when eaten each day by study participants.

It was found to lead to thicker, hydrated skin, better blood flow, and less sensitivity to sunburn.

Antioxidants have anti aging properties as well, which can naturally keep your skin healthier.


Most nuts are good for you, but walnuts, in particular, are great for your skin.

They are higher in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids than many other nuts, and provide essential fatty acids which the body needs to get from food.

Western diets are high in omega 6 fatty acids, which can promote inflammation.

However, omega 3 fatty acids can reduce it.

The balance of omega 3 and 6 in walnuts works against the inflammation from omega 6.

Walnuts also contain zinc, vitamin E, and selenium.

Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin | Online Nutrition Training Course & Diplomas | Edison Institute of Nutrition


Avocados have had somewhat of a moment recently.

If you need another reason to order that avocado toast, here it is – avocados are great for your skin.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

Avocados are full of healthy fats, which help keep skin moisturized.

They may also contain compounds which protect against UV damage from the sun.

The nutrients in avocados also make them one of the best superfoods for your brain.

Sweet Potatoes

If you’re looking to change up your favourite potato-containing dishes ahead of the holiday season, consider cooking with sweet potatoes instead.

Prepared in healthy ways, sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and full of vitamins.

What Makes Them So Great For Your Skin?

Sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene, which can be converted by the body into vitamin A.

Beta carotene itself also acts as a natural sunblock to help keep skin healthy.

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