How To Choose Your Registered Holistic Nutrition School Program?

How To Choose Your Registered Holistic Nutrition School Program? | Online Nutrition Training Course & Diplomas | Edison Institute of Nutrition

When you’re looking at either up-skilling within your current role or starting a new career, it’s important to find the right program and school for you.

The Edison Institute of Nutrition provides a diploma in holistic nutrition program, but there are others out there as well.

How do you choose which school is best for you?

Keep reading to find out.

So You Wanna Be A Registered Holistic Nutritionist?

Most people who come to us have already done research about other types of healthcare, and they may even have another certificate or diploma in one of the other disciplines.

Perhaps you’re like one of them, and have chosen to become a registered holistic nutritionist, rather than a chiropractor or a naturopathic doctor.

There are so many factors to weigh when making your decision – and not just the discipline itself.

As a registered holistic nutritionist, you have the opportunity for a lucrative and satisfying career helping people manage health and disease with their nutrition.

You could work in a clinic, or you could go out on your own – there are many opportunities in this growing field.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Registered Holistic Nutrition School Program

We get questions from potential students all the time.

There are so many factors that go into a student’s decision – the school, the faculty, the graduation rate, the post-degree career.

We thought it would be helpful to do a roundup of some of the most frequent questions to help you in your research.

1. Whether You Meet The Admission Requirements

Of course, you’ll need to meet the admission requirements of whatever school you’re applying to in order to attend – but what are they?

Well, one factor you may not have encountered if it’s your FIRST time looking at the healthcare field is that you will need to be of sound moral character and maturity.


Well, our graduates leave for roles helping people regarding their health –so it’s important that they are able to conduct themselves with utmost faith.

After that, there are different requirements for each offering.

To begin studying to earn your diploma in holistic nutrition from Edison, you’ll need to hold a high school diploma or the equivalent in good standing, or be a mature student 21 years of age or older.

We also offer registered holistic nutritionist continuing education courses if you’re already a practicing holistic nutritionist.

At that point, however, you likely already have a clear idea on what you’d like to focus on in your practice, and it’s simply a matter of whether one of Edison’s courses or another school better suits your needs.

2. Whether You Want To Study Online Or In Person

How do you learn best?

The Edison Institute is a purely online school, which has some significant benefits.

Distance is one – relocating to attend a school in person can be expensive and disruptive, but with Edison you can study anywhere in the world.

As well, it allows you to work around your schedule.

If you’re studying part time, or even full time while juggling a job, kids and family matters you can do your course work whenever it’s convenient for you.

All of our programs leave you with a thorough understanding of not just human nutrition, but how it affects one’s overall health.

So not only can you access your education from almost anywhere in the world, you can also take it with you, no matter where you decide to live.

We’re very proud of the fact that we have graduates working as far away as New Zealand, Pakistan, UAE, Poland, Bermuda, France, and many other countries around the world.

what makes a good nutrition school program? | Online Nutrition Training Course & Diplomas | Edison Institute of Nutrition

3. Whether Your School Can Accommodate Your Desired Study Schedule

Whether you’ve graduated recently from high school or you’re a mature or continuing education student, we’re happy to welcome you.

Some of our students are layering on a registered holistic nutrition diploma because they’re already part of a healthcare team, and they know that learning about integrating holistic nutrition into treatment plans can only help their patients and their career prospects.

Others might be in unfulfilling careers they’re itching to change and are taking courses part time.

The diploma program is 2,000 hours, comprised of six modules with five subjects each.

Full-time students at Edison generally take a calendar year to complete the core program, but our flexible programming gives you up to three years to complete it.

If your life is exceptionally busy – due to work, family, or other obligations – an Edison education would be ideal for you.

4. Who Will Be Educating and Guiding You?

The faculty is an important factor, because these are the people who will be teaching you what you need to know and supporting you in your student journey.

In our case, each of our faculty members is in practice currently, and with a minimum of 10 years clinical experience. They have a great deal of knowledge, direction and insights to share with students.

There’s no replacement for experience, and our faculty has first-hand, practical knowledge.

Because our faculty has already spent a significant part of their career practicing as registered holistic nutritionists, they’ve seen far more than just theory – they have stories, examples and case studies from their own work with patients.

Hearing and learning from these real-life experiences can make all the difference when you’re in your own practice and you run into an unusual situation.

5. What The Recruitment Office Has To Say

Of course, there’s no substitute for just speaking with a representative of a school.

While we have a page of registered holistic nutrition frequently asked questions, you’ve almost certainly got questions of your own.

These might be about your personal experiences, educational needs, and possible accommodations we can make.

Contact us to learn more about The Edison Institute of Nutrition.

We’ve got the program you need to make a change in your career and your life.

Why wait?

Call now and we’ll set up a time to discuss any remaining questions you have, and let’s get you started on an exciting new career.

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