How is a Holistic Nutritionist Different than a Health Coach?

How is a Holistic Nutritionist Different than a Health Coach?health coach certification

In this fast-paced and high-demand world, most people focus on convenience and ease, which includes how and what they eat. As soon as they feel hungry, it is much easier to unwrap a protein bar or open a can of prepared food than cook a fresh, healthy meal. However, according to holistic nutritionists, the expense of this convenience affects not only your pocketbook but also your well-being.

The practice of a holistic nutritionist is based on the fact that one’s health is an expression of the complex interplay between the physical, biological, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life dating from birth to present. As such, it requires adopting a ‘whole person’ approach, which involves treating the client as a unique individual. This requires fully engaging him/her when determining the best way to achieve optimal health, while, at the same time, working together in an empowering and cooperative manner.

Practitioners of holistic nutrition provide an in-depth assessment of each client after taking a full history and consider all of these factors when recommending nutritional, lifestyle changes and natural healing remedies. Such interventions help to correct the imbalances that cause poor health instead of focusing on isolated symptoms. Every individual has unique dietary requirements, as well as individual lifestyle, physical, and emotional needs. Therefore, there is no “one-size fits all” approach to health and wellness.

A health coach partners with clients seeking self-directed changes, offering common suggestions to promote health and wellness. They are limited to motivational interviewing techniques, and a “one size fits all” standard approach. These techniques may be combined with guidance in additional areas in which they may hold credentials.

A holistic nutritionist has extensive clinical education and knowledge that broadens their scope of practice beyond the limitations of a health coach certification that can often be acquired in a 6 -12-week course of 100 hours or so.

Holistic nutrition education programs have varied curricula. The professional associations, IONC, CANNP in Canada and NANP (USA) that represent holistic nutritionists, adhere to specific educational requirements and a minimum of curriculum hours. To this end, the Edison Institute of Nutrition’s in-depth 2000-hour Diploma Program is accredited by all 3 associations with content that is not available in any other holistic nutrition program.

What is the Role of a Holistic Nutrition Professional?

A holistic nutrition professional advises individuals, families, and groups on how to improve their diet, lifestyle and attitude with a focus on promoting and regaining their health. He/she may work in conjunction with a medical healthcare provider to help individuals with previously diagnosed illnesses to identify biochemical imbalances and toxicities that may have contributed to their poor health.

The holistic nutritionist provides science-based health and nutritional recommendations to their clientele using a detailed symptomatology assessment tool to evaluate nutritional deficiencies, excess toxicities, and metabolic imbalances. They educate clients on the nutritional value of eating organic, unprocessed, local, fresh, plant-based, pasture-raised and wild-caught foods. They counsel clients on the effects and benefits of nutritional supplementation to address chronic nutritional deficiencies and toxicities associated with lifestyle and environmental related health problems.

Holistic Nutrition Professionals Offer the Following Services:

  • Dietary evaluation and planning based on individual requirements
  • Recipes and direction on choice of appropriate foods and preparation
  • Lifestyle guidance and stress management recommendations
  • Natural supportive therapies for toxin elimination and improvement of organ function
  • Balancing optimal weight, mood, and energy
  • Provide functional medicine recommendations
  • Counsel clients on optimal orthomolecular supplementation.
  • Teach classes on wellness and holistic nutrition
  • Work with complementary healthcare practitioners

The Distinguishing Features of a Holistic Nutrition Professional over a Health Coach

  • Recognized by Nutrition Professional Associations worldwide 
  • Recognized by insurance service providers
  • Education based on the foundational sciences of anatomy & physiology, biology, chemistry, and the study of nutrition combing the latest scientific research with ageless truths practiced by traditional societies
  • Holistic approach to health incorporating nutrition, mental and emotion as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and being
  • Holistic Nutrition Professionals approach health and healing from a whole-person perspective
  • Highest standards of integrity and accountability
  • Use of informed consent with full disclosure forms

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  1. Hello my name is Dayami and I’m interested in the holistic nutritionist program? How much is tuition?
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    Dayami Zaragoza

  2. I didn’t realize that a holistic nutritionist has a broader scope of practice than a certified health coach. I’d love to get help from a professional like that. I want to better my image before my wife gives birth next year so I’ll see who I can find to help.

  3. Hi Chris, yes holistic nutrition does cover a wide scope of practice and can help in many areas of health. All the best to you and your family.

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