Considering a Career in Holistic Nutrition?

Considering a Career in Holistic Nutrition?Considering a Career in Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is a rapidly growing field based on the knowledge that nutrition and lifestyle changes can treat the whole body rather than only a focus on individual symptoms. It is expected that the job opportunities for nutritionists will increase by 15 percent over the next decade. If you are passionate about educating others on the healing power of food nutrients and the power of emotional well-being, holistic nutrition can be an ideal career path to consider.

How Do You Become a Successful Holistic Nutritionist?

To become a successful holistic nutritionist, you need to be meticulously ambitious, hardworking, motivated, and passionate about health. It is essential to keep educating yourself regularly as comprehensive nutrition information changes and updates constantly. Although Canada’s Food Guide may be updated once every 25 to 30 years, you must continuously refresh your knowledge and stay on top of holistic nutrition trends and research to be the best holistic nutritionist possible.

At the Edison Institute of Nutrition, we offer a range of holistic nutrition programs such as a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, Introduction to Holistic Nutrition Certificate, Continuing Education, Advanced Diploma and Mentorship programs. Our programs enable you to help yourself and others, have numerous career opportunities, upgrade your knowledge, manage your diet better, and learn how foods, orthomolecular nutrition and functional medicine effect bodily processes.

How Do You Market Yourself?

As holistic nutrition becomes competitive, you must stay abreast of the latest marketing techniques to expand your opportunities. Edison’s Business of Wellness Consulting course teaches the different technological advancements to make marketing much easier and enables you to reach many clients at the same time. Posting your services on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Radio and TV shows, and community interest groups is an ideal marketing strategy.

How Do You Earn Income as a Holistic Nutritionist?

People are increasingly becoming more conscious about leading healthy lives, remaining fit and looking to resolve heath issues without drugs or surgery. Thus, earning an income as a holistic nutritionist by providing sound advice and coaching is more financially rewarding than, especially as many more industries hire nutrition experts to help people and employees with health-related issues. Where you work largely depends on your skill set and area of interest acquired from attending an accredited school offering a Diploma that is recognized by the Professional nutrition associations. In Canada, these are the  IONC and CANNP, and NANP in the U.S. Edison’s Diploma in Holistic Nutrition qualifies you to receive the Advanced designation of ROHP with IONC.

There are many opportunities in the holistic career field right now that offer you the opportunity to earn a substantial income. Here are some of the income generating opportunities you can enjoy as a well-trained and qualified holistic nutritionist especially with an Advanced designation.

  • Individual or group consultations
  • Corporate health planning
  • Online programs and consultations
  • Teaching
  • Fitness teams and clubs, public or professional
  • Writing magazine articles, online programs, and eBooks
  • Health seminars and workshops

Can You Make a Good Income as a Nutritionist?

Definitely! Holistic nutrition has a broad range of opportunities of where you would like to focus your area of practice and where your passion lies. If you work hard, get a good education and put your heart and mind towards being a nutritionist, you can do exceptionally well financially and achieve your desires. Obtaining a Diploma from a recognized school like Edison, with an in-depth curriculum will make all the difference in being successful in the field.

There are three steps to obtaining a nutritionist certification in Canada:

  • Enrol in an accredited holistic nutrition school, one that is recognized by all Professional Associations
  • Earning a holistic nutrition diploma
  • Get certified and receive a title from a Professional Association

Contact the Edison Institute to Begin Your Career

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is internationally recognized as a leading holistic nutrition school, that provides in-depth online learning in integrative orthomolecular holistic nutrition. Our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition prepares you to be confident and competent in your nutritional consulting role and be able to advise clients with many different health issues. contact us today by dialling 1-800-456-9313 to expand your wings as a holistic nutritionist.

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  1. My name is Megan.

    I have a deploma in Nutritional therapy already but I am very intresed in the holisic approach and want to learn so much more.
    I would be very intresed in doing this course.

    look farward to hearing from you.

    Megan Gardiner

  2. Hi Megan I would love to talk further with you about our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition Program. n fact you may have some exemptions based on your previous training.

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