The Top Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs to Help Burn Fat

get rid of excess fatThe Top Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs to Help Burn Fat

As much as we all may wish there to be, there is no quick and easy way to get rid of excess fat. Eating right and exercising are the only tried and true methods. However, there are some things you can add to your diet to help improve your efforts.

  • Calcium – It has been shown that individuals who consume digestible calcium in their diet also were less likely to carry excess weight. Dark green vegetables are a good source of calcium.
  • Cayenne – Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin. Capsaicin works to help your body break down fats and also helps to prevent new fat cells from forming.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon both works to increase your metabolism and balance blood sugar levels which helps you to lose weight.
  • Green Tea – Green tea works to boost your metabolism. This helps you burn more calories and lose weight. This is because it contains catechins which help to reduce body fat.
  • Iodine – Iodine works to help regulate the function of your thyroid. Thyroid problems tend to come with weight problems as well. Finding a way to manage your thyroid can assist with weight loss. Of course, consult with your doctor if you believe you have a problem with your thyroid as they will be able to diagnose you accurately.
  • Kelp – Kelp works in a similar way to iodine as it contains iodine. It can also help to improve your metabolism.
  • Licorice Root – Licorice root can be effective in reducing body fat when consumed as a tea. However, do not take it if you have high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B-12 – Vitamin B-12 works to help convert your body’s fat stores into energy. Having more energy will make you more active, helping to burn more fat. You can get vitamin B-12 from fish, eggs, and lean meat.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C also works to increase your metabolism. When your metabolism is high, your body will burn fat even when you are resting. Fresh squeezed orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D – In order to absorb calcium properly and receive its benefits, you need to have vitamin D and K2. Your body will naturally make Vitamin D if you expose you skin to the sun. But don’t get burned.

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