The Side Effects of Not Eating Breakfast

Skipping BreakfastNot Eating Breakfast

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you’ve likely heard this from a mother or grandmother at some point throughout your life. While this information has turned out to be true, the understanding of why has only recently begun to be understood. However, there are a variety of side effects that can occur when you don’t eat this essential meal.


Obesity is one of the biggest issues today. It can also lead to complications like infertility, diabetes, and heart disease. It has been found that skipping breakfast can increase your risk of diabetes and make it harder to lose weight. Research shows that if you eat breakfast, you are less likely to overeat later in the day. Also, skipping breakfast lengthens the fast you undertake overnight, disrupting your sugar levels and your body’s output of insulin. In addition to all of this, not eating breakfast can lower your metabolism and decrease your energy.

Menstrual Irregularities

Often, college students are likely to skip breakfast because of their schedule. Because of this, a 2010 study found that female students who skipped breakfast often had more menstrual irregularities than those who didn’t. This included having a more painful period and a less regular schedule. They also experienced more frequent episodes of constipation.

Lowered Cognition

For school-aged children, eating breakfast is important. Some schools even choose to open early to be able to provide breakfast for those kids who may not have it at home for any reason. Skipping breakfast causes children to be less able to solve problems, while those who ate breakfast were shown to score higher on tests.

Bad Mood

Many people would admit that they tend to be moody in the morning. Studies show that over a quarter of those who are temperamental in the morning found their mood improved after eating breakfast regularly.

Physical Side Effects

By skipping breakfast, you increase your risk of having low blood sugar. This can cause you to be shaky, dizzy, increase your heart rate, give you headaches, and make you feel weak and numb.

Skipping out on breakfast can lead to a variety of health concerns for people of every age. It is important to be sure that you break your fast each morning with protein, even if it’s something small, to get your body and brain going.

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