Nutritionist Recommended Ways to Stop Weekend Overeating

Weekend OvereatingNutritionist Recommended Ways to Stop Weekend Overeating

A lot of people eat healthily during the week and then indulge on the weekend. This is often a healthy way to eat, as higher calorie days that are followed by lower calorie days can actually benefit our bodies. If, however, you feel physically or mentally unwell after weekend overeating, consider changing the habit. This may certainly be easier said than done, so we’ve put together some tips to help.

The first thing to do is determine why it is you’re overindulging on the weekends. Maybe you’re not eating enough during the week, spend more time with friends on the weekends going out for meals, or are so busy during the week that the weekend is the time you find yourself bored and snacking. Once you’ve figured it out, use the following strategies to help control your weekend overeating.

Minimize Your Restriction During the Week

Often, overeating is a result of the restrictions you place on yourself during the week. For example, if you love carbs but limit them during the week, you may find yourself eating things like pasta and bread on the weekend. Generally, allowing yourself to have the foods you love regularly helps to remove the cravings you may get when not following such a strict diet on the weekend.

Eat Things That Satisfy You

A lot of the time, overeating on the weekend is because you aren’t satisfied. This may be because you eat quick snacks like chips or popcorn which, while filling, aren’t satisfying. Instead, take the time to plan better meals and keep healthy, satisfying snacks on hand instead.

Try Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating means you listen to your body, have what you want, eat when hungry, stop when full, and figure out what makes you happy. It can be hard for people who are used to the rules of a diet, and uncomfortable trying to eat without those rules but listening to your body can help control overeating.

Stay Busy

During the week, we’re often pretty busy and look forward to some downtime on the weekend. This downtime can lead to boredom, which may result in you eating more than you had planned. A tip to combat this is to stay busy. Try signing up for weekend activities, meeting friends, or even simple self-care like sleeping in.

Limit Your Alcohol

Drinking beers or cocktails with friends can often lead to overeating, especially on greasy and salty foods. By limiting the alcohol you consume, you will not only feel better overall but also help you avoid food binges.

Overeating and overindulging are issues that affect many people. Learning what triggers it and methods you can use to prevent it is a tremendous help and can help you feel better. Along with this, enrolling in a program at the Edison Institute of Nutrition and earning a holistic nutritionist degree will provide you with the knowledge to stay healthy and live better.

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