Ridding Trans Fats from Your Body

Ridding Trans Fats from Your BodyRidding Trans Fats from Your Body

Recently, trans fats have been banned in a few countries. It has been determined that trans-fat is unsafe for consumption and can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. While you may be worried about the trans fat already in your body, the sooner you stop eating any food that contains it, the faster your body will get rid of it.

Trans Fat Foods

While some trans-fat is still around in foods manufactured before a certain date, they are no longer produced with trans-fat and restaurants are also prohibited from using it.

The foods that were produced before the ban may still include some trans-fats. These items include:

  • Cake frosting
  • Chips and other packaged fried foods
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Crackers
  • Cream-filled candies
  • Frozen pizzas
  • Margarine
  • Microwaveable popcorn
  • Packaged baked goods

Finding Trans Fat

Looking at the nutrition label under “fats” will show you if the item contains trans-fat. However, be aware that if the product has less than half a gram of trans fat, manufacturers are allowed to list the amount at zero. To be sure, look at the ingredient list and see if any partially hydrogenated oils.

Trans Fat in Your Body

Naturopath Dr. Stephen Gangemi has said that it takes your body longer to metabolize trans-fat than other varieties of fat. This means that if you have eaten any, it may still be in your body. There is no way to speed up the processing, and things like detox diets are ineffective.

Steer Clear of Trans Fat

Very processed foods that don’t expire for a while are likely to still be on the market or in people’s homes for the next few years. To eliminate them from your home, check the items you have and throw out any foods that contain trans fats.

Healthy, whole foods help your body function better. Learning what to avoid and what to look out for are things that you’ll learn more about when you enroll to become a holistic nutritionist at the Edison Institute of Nutrition. Our classes are also online!

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