Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

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Carbohydrates make up more of our diet than we might think. While these foods may be tasty and provide that feeling of comfort, cutting back on carbohydrates can have a significant impact on your health. Studies have shown that eating fewer carbs can help you lose weight and even help control some of the symptoms of diabetes. If you think cutting back on carbs will be hard, read on to learn some easy ways to get started.

  • Stop Having Sugary Drinks – Sugary drinks have a lot of carbs and added sugar. An average can of pop has 38g of carbs, entirely made up of sugar. If you want some flavor add some fruit like lemons or limes to water.
  • Cut Back on Bread – Bread and grain products are a staple in our diets. Sadly, they’re also high in carbs and often low in fiber and nutrients. Choose more nutritious dense breads like 100% rye that are packed with nutrients and low in gluten.  Look for or make bread alternatives that are made with ground nuts.
  • Eat Low-Carb Breakfast Items – A small amount of some of the most common breakfast items can still pack a lot of carbs. Cereals and granolas have sugars and carbohydrates from grains, and that number gets higher when you add milk. Consider things like eggs instead. One egg has less than a gram of carbs and also packs some great protein to help you feel full and satisfied.
  • Ask for Veggies as Your Side at Restaurants – When trying to eat lower carbs, the main part of our meal may be easy: no breading and no gravy. The sides are where we may have more issue. Starchy potatoes, pastas, and breads can add unnecessary carbs to your meal. Substitute them for non-starchy vegetables instead.
  • Eat High-Protein Foods – Proteins help you feel full, so including high-protein foods will help cut back on your urge to snack on things that may not be so healthy. For each meal, try to have something that is high in protein but also low in carbs. These can include cheese, Greek yogurt, meats, fish, eggs, and nuts.
  • Read Food Labels – Be sure to read and understand food labels. While you may have a snack with 5 grams of carbs per serving in a 4 serving package, if you get carried away and eat it all you’ll have consumed 20 grams of carbs. Be aware of the nutritional value and serving sizes put on the labels.

Making any change to your dietary habits is often quite tricky. The key is to push through with determination and find things that you enjoy eating that still fit in with your goals. The holistic nutrition course offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition will help you gain insight as to how to eat better for your body and help you teach others how to be healthy. Our classes are now online!

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5 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake”

  1. So many of the people responding to the blogs are not educated with regard to the properties of food, their nutritional value and portions. People can be allergic to all kinds of food, even lemons. One person noted he was taking charcoal, which has been shown to be a carcinogen, no wonder he has vomited. It’s difficult to give information to the general public when you don’t know their physical condition and allergies.
    I would like to look into your courses. Thanks for the information.

  2. Hi Rhett Warm lemon water should not make you gain weight, unless you are allergic to lemons. It is important to look at the rest of your diet. Working with a Registered Nutritional Consultant could really help. You may want to check out the practitioners at in Markham, Ontario

  3. Thanks Claudia. We are each unique and do not respond to even the healthiest food in exactly the same way. We would love to welcome you to our Edison Course. Check out our website at

  4. Sounds like some other changes to your diet need to be made. Have you had your thyroid checked.?

  5. I usually take hot tea consisting of suger lemon and Lipton will it help me loss weight it take it first thing in the morning and last thing in the night

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