The Most Common Food Mistakes People Make on Vacation

The Most Common Food Mistakes People Make on VacationThe Most Common Food Mistakes People Make on Vacation

Travelling is an excellent way to spend time and is great for your well-being. However, it isn’t always the best for your digestion, especially when you forget all of your healthy eating habits at home. Whether you’re travelling around the world or taking a road trip to another city, you will need to eat on your adventure.

To feel your best while you’re on vacation, be aware of these common food mistakes.

  • Snacking – When travelling, the urge to snack can arise. Try to resist this feeling and stick with a consistent meal plan. Just as having a regular sleep schedule is good for you, so is having a regular eating schedule.
  • Over-caffeinating – Trying to stay awake while travelling or adjusting to jetlag can often lead to an increase in caffeine consumption. This can often lead to a crash when the caffeine wears off, or possible health complications. Consuming caffeine can elevate your stress hormones, which can in turn negatively impact your immune function and ability to relax. Instead, try to choose less caffeinated beverages.
  • Overindulging Every Day – Cruise ships and resorts often offer all-inclusive menu options, allowing you to indulge in their selection of foods at any time. To help resist the temptation, opt to rent a space that has a kitchen when you travel. This way you have the ability to make your own healthy choices.
  • Not Drinking Enough Water – Staying hydrated is important for your overall health in terms of energy and vitality. When travelling, flying, in particular, takes a toll on your body due to the oxygen-reduced nature of a flight. This can cause dehydration, and it is advised to sip some water every hour you’re in flight. After you land, be sure to carry a reusable bottle with you to fill as needed and be sure to always drink when you’re thirsty.
  • Missing Out on Healthy Local Cuisine – When travelling, you get an opportunity to experience new cuisines and restaurants. Be sure to look into the healthy and delicious food options that your destination offers and don’t miss out by sticking to your standard fare.

Knowing how to eat right on vacation and remembering the healthy eating tips you practice when at home can help you that you feel your best while having a great time. The holistic nutrition course offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition will help you to learn good eating habits and provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your health as well as that of others. Our classes are now online!

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