Healthy Portable Snacks to Bring to Work

Healthy Portable Snacks to Bring to WorkHealthy Portable Snacks to Bring to Work

During your shift, it’s common to get hungry every so often. In these situations, having healthy snacks on hand can help you get through the day. These snacks are a great option for your work breaks, as they require nothing more than a fridge or microwave or can even be kept in your desk.

  • Hummus and Carrots – Hummus contains protein, healthy fats, and fibre. It’s made from chickpeas and can have a variety of added ingredients to punch up the flavour. Carrots are full of vitamin A and potassium, providing a balanced and nutritious snack. They are also low in calories. You can also have other vegetables or pita chips with your hummus.
  • Yogurt and Fruit – Plain yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts, or honey is a great healthy snack. There is a lot of calcium, probiotics, and protein in each serving. If intolerant to cow dairy, there is also “Yo-So”, soy yogurt or coconut milk yogurt products or Buffalo milk yogurt.
  • Rye Crisp Crackers – Plain rye crisps are relatively bland, which helps make them an excellent base for toppings. They are also stable enough to remain in your desk. Top them with things like nut butter, egg salad, avocado, hummus, cheese or bananas.
  • Popcorn – Popcorn is high in fibre, and low in calories. Real butter topping is good for nutrients and slows the carbohydrate effect on blood. A few bags in your desk can make for a quick and easy snack. If you don’t like the idea of plain popcorn, top it with hot sauce or parmesan cheese. Microwave popcorn bags are very toxic, make your own popcorn at home from organic corn kernels.
  • Fresh Fruit and Nuts – Simple snacks are often the best. A handful of nuts paired with a delicious piece of fruit is as easy as it gets, and also quite healthy. They contain a lot of minerals, healthy fats, and vitamins to help you get through your day.
  • Fresh Vegetables with Dip – Veggie dip accompanied with sliced zucchini, celery, carrots, or cucumber is a low calorie, high fibre option for your snacks. This combination also provides you with vitamins and minerals. While store-bought dip is fine, making your own will be healthier.
  • Fruit with Dip – Apple or banana pieces dipped in nut butters or dips are delicious.
  • Trail Mix – Trail mix is often just a combination of nuts, dried fruit, granola, and occasionally cereal. There are many varieties available at grocery stores, or you can customize it to your liking by making it yourself. Trail mix is also able to be kept in your desk for convenient snacking.

Finding healthy alternatives to popular snacks is a great skill to have and can certainly help you on your way to becoming a holistic nutritionist. Helping others to make healthy choices is also an important part of this role. If these things sound like skills and desires you have, a career as a holistic nutritionist may be perfect for you. At the Edison Institute of Nutrition, we offer online courses to help on your way.

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