Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Nutrition Course

Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Nutrition CourseNutrition Course

When selecting a nutrition training course to prepare for a career as a holistic nutritionist, there are several important questions to ask in determining whether the institution you’re looking into is going to provide you with the necessary skills to succeed.

  • Does the Course Provide a Recognized Nutrition Qualification? – Is the school recognized by an independent body or association. Be cautious of schools that are not and only offer a title denoting you are a graduate of that school as they may not be recognized.   
  • Do You Offer Diploma Nutrition Courses? – A diploma indicates that the content of the course has been assessed independently and meets or exceeds the minimum educational requirements by the association.
  • What Format Is the Course Offered In? – Are the online courses presented by teachers in a fun and enthusiastic way, or are they PowerPoints and PDF documents that are to be studied independently? How much interaction will you have with instructors and other students? Search for the type of class structure you prefer, and seek the environment you will learn best in.
  • What Does the Course Claim I Can Do Upon Completion, And Is This Accurate? – If the course claims that you can become a nutritionist after taking it, be sure that this is accurate. While you may be provided with a lot of information, there may be some additional requirements needed before you are permitted to practice. Check with your area’s regulations and compare this against the school’s program.
  • How Will I Be Assessed? – While you may wish to opt for courses with simple evaluations, consider if you will feel prepared to practice professionally with such basic assessments. Consider instead looking into courses that offer more in-depth reviews and training programs.

Ensuring that your chosen course will provide you with the right tools necessary and the greatest base of knowledge to succeed as a nutritionist is key when preparing to embark on a new career journey. At the Edison Institute of Nutrition, we offer a variety of online courses and one-on-one instruction to help you on your way.

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is internationally recognized in Canada for its nutrition programs and provides online courses worldwide. These courses are designed to meet a variety of nutrition-related guidelines, including:

For details about our programs and to learn how to obtain a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 or contact us to speak with one of our educational advisors.

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