Three Steps to Obtaining a Nutritionist Certification in Canada

Three Steps to Obtaining a Nutritionist Certification in CanadaNutritionist Certification in Canada

Once you’ve decided that you want to pursue becoming a holistic nutritionist, obtaining your certification is an important step on your career journey. If you are unsure of how to go about achieving this, here are three different ways.

Becoming a Nutritionist

  • Certification and Diploma
    1. Enroll in a Holistic Nutrition School – When you enroll in a holistic nutritionist school, you will be taught all the important and valuable information you need to fulfill your future role.
    2. Earning a Nutrition Diploma – There are a variety of courses available but researching and understanding the program content and learning outcomes will ensure you choose the correct program for your success.
    3. Getting Certified – There are various titles used in this field, some are valid some are not. Make sure your diploma qualifies you for membership, malpractice insurance and the use of a recognized designation from the nutrition associations in Canada and the USA.
  • Advanced Education – The field of nutrition changes frequently. For this reason, it’s important to always remain knowledgeable of the latest developments. Enrolling in a graduate program can help you with this, as well as provide you with more information in the field overall.

Ensuring that you prepare for your chosen career path with the right education and tools necessary to succeed as a nutritionist is key. At the Edison Institute of Nutrition, we offer a variety of online courses to help you succeed.

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is internationally recognized for its nutrition programs and provides online courses worldwide, designed to meet a variety of nutrition-related guidelines.

For details about our programs and to learn how to obtain a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 or contact us to speak with one of our educational advisors.

23 thoughts on “Three Steps to Obtaining a Nutritionist Certification in Canada”

  1. Hi,
    Is this certification enough to start a legal business as a nutritionist inside Canada?, if yes, please send me the Diploma details ASAP.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Absolutely, you would be able to start a legal nutritional consulting practice in Canada. Edison’s curriculum is the most comprehensive online holistic nutrition program worldwide. We have students from Canada, the U.S. and many countries throughout the world.

  3. Hi,
    I’m on my 3rd year in Uni in a 4 years Bsc. Program, I’m a Bio major and an Anthropology minor. Is it possible I could pursue a career as a Nutritionist with this course layout? And what necessary steps would you recommend for someone in my situation?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Bernard, yes it is certainly possible to purse a career as a holistic nutritionist by completing our program. You may very well have exemptions from some of the subjects in our program that you have covered in university. The first step is to go to our website page and complete the transfer credit assessment application and upload your transcripts. We will look at the subjects you have covered in university and then we will create a custom program for you based on your exemptions.

  5. Hi,
    I would like to practice as nutritionist in Canada, please guide me.
    I had done my post graduation in hospital & health care and medico legal course from symbiosis, Sports Nutrition from K11 and Neuropathology from Nasik. with this i am a yoga teacher since 12 years.
    Since 14 years i am working with Hospital.
    I hope you will help me to do what i need to do.

  6. Hi, I’m on my fourth and last year of bachelors in biochemistry nutrition. What do I have to do next to become certified and be able to work in my field? and how long will it take me to be certified?
    Thank you!

  7. Hi, I’m currently in my final year in a BASc Nutrition and Food program. Upon graduating would I be considered a “Nutritionist” or would I still have to undergo a certification program.

  8. Hi,
    I am B.A. Home science, M.A. home science and Ph.D Nutrition , from India,
    Having 25 years teaching experience of Food Nutrition, meal management, community Nutrition, Dietetics with practical at college and university level. , I am in Toronto since eight years,
    My question is what I shall do to get license here


  9. Hi Amber, you would have some exemptions from our program. We would create a custom program for to receive your Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and then you could start practicing.

  10. I am currently in college and will be graduating in 2 months but I wanted to start my own business of nutrition consulting. I wanted to get insurance but they refuse because I don’t have a licence so my questions are; how long would it take to obtain a licence? will this licence allow me to start my own practice in Ontario or Canada as a whole? How soon can i get this done?

  11. Hi Kesha, yes you can start your own practice in Ontario or Canada but you will need to complete the diploma program first and then you will be able to access insurance. Our program is online, the ost in-depth program and can be completed in 1 year or maybe less depending on how much time you have to devote to the program.

  12. hi , i am from IT background , done computer science and have post graduate diploma in web development but i do have intrest in being nutritionist and personal trainer as i personally studeied them and worked onmyslef ot loose weight , is it neccessary to get diploma in nutrition to start working as nutritionist in canada

  13. Hi Ayush, yes you should definitely have a diploma in holistic nutrition as you will want to have malpractice insurance and you will need a diploma for that. You also will want to have a very good in-depth education to understand all the aspects of working with clients.

  14. Hi.. I am a software engineer in India.. I would soon be relocating to Canada. I want to start something in Nutrition. Could you please guide me on what all steps do I need to take to start working as a nutritionist. (Will be glad if you could tell me about licensing and all as well)

    Awaiting your reply! Thanks so much!!

  15. Hi Swati, I sent you a reply to your email address. Please email me with any further questions you have.

  16. Hi,
    I have completed BAMS (bachelor in ayurveda medicine and surgery) from India. Am I eligible for the nutrition certifications and further study in nutrion medicine in canada.

  17. Hi Dona, yes absolutely. You may even have some exemptions from subjects in our program if you have studied them in you Ayurveda program.

  18. Hi,i’m Farnoush,i am a pharmacist from Iran,but i’m really interested in nutrition fields,i wanna be a nutritionist of my own business.
    this would be your kindness to help me about getting diploma through your university,what should i do?

  19. Hi Farnoush, we are not a university. We are a private school offering a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. Once you have completed our program you can start your own practice. You may have some exemptions from our Diploma In Holistic Nutrition program with your background. Please go to this page complete the application and attach your transcripts. We will do an assessment and then create a custom program for you.

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