Tricks to Snacking Like a Nutritionist

Tricks to Snacking Like a Nutritionist

Snacking is a critical part of how we eat. The benefits of having healthy meals can be counteracted if you continue to indulge in unhealthy snacks. These tips will show you how to make better choices, and what options will help you snack like a nutritionist.

  • Time It Right – When having snacks, it’s important to get the timing right. This is accomplished by listening to your body’s cues and learning the difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is the feeling of discomfort due to a lack of food, along with a desire to eat. Appetite, on the other hand, is a desire for something. Your stomach growling would be as a result of hunger, where a craving for a specific food would be due to appetite. While eating for appetite is alright sometimes, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat, and try to stick with three meals a day and only snack when you’re above a 7 on the hunger scale.
  • Choose Satisfying, Filling Snacks – Certain snacks are a better choice than others. When you’re feeling the need to snack, select foods that are high in fiber as they take longer for your body to digest and will leave you feeling fuller longer. You can also pair a healthy carb with a protein to slow down the release of the carb’s sugars into your body, also keeping you feeling full for longer.
  • Get Convenient Options – With the busy lifestyle we all live, it can be hard to fit healthy snacking into our day. For this reason, it’s essential that our snack options are convenient. You can do this by prepping healthy choices in advance, so they’re easy for you to get to, or leave some emergency options in your car or at work, so you aren’t tempted to reach for something less nutritious.

Healthy snacking is a major component of eating better and living a healthier lifestyle. If learning more about how food impacts your life and those of others interests you, you may want to look into becoming a holistic nutritionist via the online courses available through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Tricks to Snacking Like a Nutritionist

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is highly recognized for its nutrition courses in Canada, and individuals can participate in distance learning programs. Individuals can sign up for nutrition programs that cover a variety of topics including:

  • Achieving a better state of health
  • Gaining knowledge about holistic nutrition
  • Becoming a holistic nutrition resource for others
  • Pursuing a professional certification in holistic nutrition

For further information about our programs such as our Introductory Program and our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 or contact us to speak with one of our educational advisors.

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