Simple Habits to Begin Improving Your Health Now

Simple Habits to Begin Improving Your Health Now

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always the easiest at the best of times. Sometimes you may need some help or gentle guidance to get you on the right track.  For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some easy and sustainable habits that can help you make a meaningful change.

  • Keep Water Close By – It’s likely that you go through your day and ignore or miss thirst cues that your body sends you.  Often the feeling of hunger is really an indication of thirst. Drink a large glass of water before reaching for a snack. By keeping a water bottle water in your bag or on your desk, you will be more likely to remember to take a drink and in turn, stay more hydrated.
  • Move Around Often – It’s been said that people may spend most of their time sitting than sleeping, which when considered, is actually quite scary. For this reason, it is important that we get up and move often. You can do this simply by taking a short walks throughout the day or a walk around the bock before breakfast,  after lunch or after dinner.  Move items such as your garbage bin to the opposite side of the room, so you have to stand up to throw something out. There is a new saying “Sitting is the New Smoking”! 
  • Plan Ahead – In our everyday life, we plan most things in order to achieve optimal results. The same should be done with healthy eating. This can be done by reflecting on the previous day’s meals, determining what made you feel good and what didn’t, and creating meal plans for the next day or even the next week. If possible, work with a dietitian or nutritionist to help with building your strategies and meal plans such as making extra portions. 
  • Eat in More – While going to a restaurant or picking up takeout is convenient, it isn’t necessarily the healthiest option. When you cook your own meals, you are in control of what you put in your body, and those who eat at home are often healthier.
  • Get Better Sleep – Not getting enough sleep is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, reduced immunity, and can increase hunger. If possible, you should attempt to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night in a dark room-no night lights or outside light.

Healthy habits can make or break your lifestyle. If the thought of practicing these habits and teaching others how these things can make a difference in their lives, you may be interested in becoming a holistic nutritionist. You can achieve this by completing online nutrition courses, available through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Simple Habits to Begin Improving Your Health Now

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is highly recognized for its online nutrition courses in Canada, and around the world!  The courses available satisfy many nutrition-related interests, including:

  • Achieving a better state of health
  • Gaining knowledge about holistic nutrition
  • Becoming a holistic nutrition resource for others
  • Pursuing a professional certification in holistic nutrition

For further information about our programs such as our Introductory Program to our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 or contact us to speak with one of our educational advis0rs.

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