How to Practice Mindful Eating When Hosting Dinner Parties

How to Practice Mindful Eating when Hosting Dinner Parties

Over-eating at dinner parties is quite common. Often, people leave feeling stuffed, wondering how they managed to eat so much, and feeling uncomfortable and groggy. It turns out, how the food is presented as well as the dishes we use can all lead to these feelings. Here are some tips to make the next party you host a successful one.

  • Use a Smaller Plate – When we use a larger plate, we tend to fill it up more. We also usually eat the majority of what we put on the plate, so by using a smaller plate, not only will we be putting less on it, but we will also end up eating less. Switching from a 12-inch dinner plate to a 10-inch dish is a small enough difference that no one will even notice. This change, however, will result in approximately 20% fewer calories being consumed by both yourself and your guests.
  • Serve Healthier Items Family-Style – When choosing how to display your items for your guests to select from, put the healthier items such as vegetables and salads on the table for convenient refills. Heartier options can be placed on a separate table or counter. This isn’t to deprive anyone. By all means, additional helpings are encouraged. It simply allows your guests the time to think about if they are satisfied with what they have eaten or if they really desire another serving.
  • Offer Fewer Dessert Options – Additional variety often means additional consumption. People naturally want to try all of the available options and may worry they’re missing out on something great if they don’t. For this reason, present less dessert selections at the end of the meal. One or two variations of cakes or cookies instead of a 6 flavour pack will mean that people will eat less.

Mindfulness while eating is an important skill to have. Gaining this is just one of the things you will learn by taking one of the online Nutrition Programs available through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

How to Practice Mindful Eating when Hosting Dinner Parties

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