Foods for Stronger Bones

Foods for Stronger Bones

When thinking about what to eat for a healthy body, we may occasionally forget to consider selecting items that will support our bones. They make up the structure of our body and are continuously regenerating and need to be taken care of just as much as any other part of our bodies. To keep them strong and help prevent deterioration, here are a selection of foods to incorporate in your diet.

Bone Healthy Foods

  • Broccoli and Greens – Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli are the best sources of vitamin K. Recent research has shown that a protein known as osteocalcin is very important to the strength of bones and their ability to resist fractures. The osteocalcin must undergo a chemical reaction to be able to be absorbed properly into the bone, and it does this with the help of vitamin K.
  • Prunes – Prunes are generally known to be a high fibre food, but new research has shown that they also help promote bone health as well. When postmenopausal women consumed one serving of prunes per day, results show the prunes helped prevent bone loss, lowering the risk of osteoporosis. They contain phenolic compounds which naturally signal cells to increase bone formation, as well as vitamin K, which helps with bone metabolism.
  • Canned Salmon – Salmon is one of the few foods naturally containing vitamin D, which increases the absorption of calcium. Both calcium and vitamin D assist the body with building bone. When selecting your canned salmon, be sure to choose the option that includes the bones. Remove any large pieces and crush the smaller bones before you eat them.
  • Raw Nuts and Seeds – Nuts and seeds contain calcium, which is excellent for bone health overall. While dairy products are often the go-to for calcium, they are quite difficult to digest and have the wrong ration of calcium to phosphorus for the human body. Nuts and seeds are a beneficial alternative source to dairy products.
  • Tofu – Tofu has high levels of protein and magnesium which helps to build bones and is often enriched with calcium. It is made from soybeans, and the phytochemicals in soy may help to reduce bone loss and increase mineral density.

high fibre food

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