The Keys to Finding Success as a Holistic Nutritionist

The Keys to Finding Success as a Holistic Nutritionist

Reasons to Consider a Career in the Field of Holistic Nutrition

There are undoubtedly countless stories of people who have witnessed their parents and other loved ones struggle with various health-related issues, particularly as these family members reached the later stages of their respective lives.  In these instances, medical conditions affecting the heart and circulatory system, cognitive function, weight-bearing joints, and more have often caused substantial suffering/distress for all parties involved.

While those who were ill might still have lived to a respectable age, perhaps through the intervention of medical treatments, prescription drugs, or various technologies/devices, it is very likely that their quality of life was adversely affected.  This in turn may have led their close relatives/friends to wonder aloud what role diet and lifestyle may have played in bringing about such trying circumstances; furthermore, it may have been a reason for some introspection on how to minimize or prevent these situations from occurring again in their own lives or the lives of other family members.

If the above scenarios align with your personal or family history and/or with the desire to help people, including yourself, lead longer, healthier, and happier lives, you might be an ideal candidate for a career in holistic nutrition, an interest that can be pursued through the online nutrition courses offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition, acknowledged as a top distance learning centre for holistic nutrition studies and certification in Canada.

Insights and Recommendations for Achieving Success as a Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutrition stresses the consumption of whole foods, i.e. foods found in nature, to help attain better overall health.  Thus the role of a holistic nutrition specialist is to share their insight and information about nutrition and eating habits to aid people in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving their physical and mental states.

So you might now be wondering how individuals go about establishing themselves in the field of holistic nutrition and to eventually enjoy success in their chosen profession; the following are some helpful insights and recommendations, presented by the experienced team from the Edison Institute of Nutrition in Quebec:

  • Choosing the Right Study Program: comprehensive knowledge in holistic nutrition is non-negotiable; while you may be able to collect some background information through casual reading and informal sources, only approved nutrition courses such as those offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition will provide the depth of knowledge and confidence necessary to deliver sound advice to your clients (more on this later)
  • Continuing Education: it is well-accepted that information pertaining to matters of health and diet is ever-evolving with continuous research and testing produces, new ideas and trends that are increasingly helpful. So a pledge to keep your knowledge current is a must too.
  • Pay Attention to the Business Side: while the prime goal for any certified holistic nutritionist is to help their clients attain a better overall state of health, there is also a business side or component to establishing a holistic nutrition practice as well; thus taking one or more courses on how to run a small business would be highly advised
  • Marketing: one of the elements that would be stressed in any small business course is the impact of marketing; it would be foolish to sit back and wait for people to flock to your door within giving them a reason to do so – consider promoting your services and your credibility through online marketing streams (social media) such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Expanded Revenue Streams: one-on-one counselling can be a key revenue stream but there are a finite number of hours per day to provide this service; other income avenues can include teaching, writing/blogging, and facilitating seminars/workshops, and serving as a consultant for health spas, corporate wellness programs, and weight loss centres

Selecting the Right Nutrition Courses is the Base to Success in Holistic Nutrition

Right Nutrition Courses is the Base to Success in Holistic Nutrition

As noted above, developing a comprehensive knowledge of holistic nutrition principles is fundamental to any subsequent success in this field; and this means choosing a learning centre with the right nutrition courses, designed and supervised by accredited educators, to ensure that you receive the education you need. 

The comprehensive curriculum of online nutrition courses offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition in Quebec is recognized as a leading centre for distance learning in Canada. Our Holistic Nutrition Program provides an exceptional learning experience from start to finish as you prepare for a career as a certified holistic nutritionist; these online nutrition courses include the following:

  • Introductory Program
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition
  • An Advanced Diploma Program
  • Post-Graduate Mentorship Program
  • Accelerated Program for Health Professionals

Furthermore, to help you develop and strengthen your knowledge in the role as a holistic nutritionist, you will benefit from our extensive scope of continuing education programs.

For more information and the course outlines for the online nutrition courses listed above please go to our Holistic Nutrition Courses page.

To establish the foundation you need for success as a holistic nutritionist, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 to speak with an education advisor or contact us to discuss the value of our nutrition courses in your pursuit of a career.