Important Facts About Holistic Nutrition Certifications in Canada

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Holistic Nutrition Certification is the First Step in Establishing Your Reputation

When a professional is about to embark on establishing their credibility and reputation in their chosen field, one of the important elements in attracting new clientele is presenting the appropriate credentials.  While it is true that any letters appearing after one’s name will not guarantee proficiency in their occupation, a professional accreditation is far more appealing than say a civil engineer, for example, who markets their capabilities in bridge construction on the basis of childhood experiences with toy building sets.

Yes, there is a big difference between being smart about what you know and being good at what you do; but attaining that knowledge is a critical step in having the confidence to apply it in practice and eventually becoming skilled and respected in that discipline. And the field of holistic nutrition counselling is no exception, because people seeking help and support with respect to their nutrition and overall health must also feel assured that their holistic nutritionist has the proper certifications/designations to coach and guide them.

The Benefits of Attaining Holistic Nutrition Certification in Canada

In addition to acquiring the knowledge and insight necessary to ultimately succeed in the field of holistic nutrition, there are several other benefits to achieving your certification in order to advise people on matters relating to food and nutrition and their influences on human health; these include:

  • Displaying competence and commitment: Reputable certification programs are developed by individuals or groups of individuals who have extensive knowledge and practical experience with respect to the qualifications for effectively performing a job or task; this information is packaged into a systematic or stepwise process, and your success in completing all phases shows a dedication to move forward and help others
  • Enhanced job opportunities: Similar to others employers, holistic nutrition clinics routinely receive numerous inquiries and/or applications from job seekers; in order to stand above the crowd, so to speak, hiring managers will be more attracted to your resume if it reflects that you are a certified holistic nutritionist
  • An essential for purchasing liability insurance: For any type of service provider, it is important to protect themselves against unforeseen events/legal actions; if you plan to advertise and receive compensation for holistic nutrition counselling services, you must have appropriate liability insurance, and your certification or designation to practice in Canada will be a prerequisite for obtaining such coverage

Choosing the Best Method to Obtain Your Holistic Nutrition Certification

Holistic Nutrition Certification

Traditionally, someone who wanted to attain their certification/designation in a particular field would have done so in a classroom setting; however, with today’s advancements in technology, many such opportunities are now available through online study programs.  To determine the approach that works best in your lifestyle, consider the following:

  • What is your level of discipline to work independently?
  • How much time can you dedicate per day to your studies?
  • Do you learn more effectively on your own or in a group setting?

If your answers to these questions support online studies, you may want to consider the Edison Institute of Nutrition, a holistic nutrition school by distance learning.  The Edison Institute of Nutrition is recognized as a top online school for holistic nutrition certification in Canada; with more than 2000 hours of study time, our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition is noted as one of the most in-depth online programs available.

To learn more about our Diploma in Holistic Nutrition Program and how you can qualify for designation/certification with a professional nutrition organization or association in Canada, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition today at 1-800-456-9313 or contact us for further insight.

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  1. The mentorship program is designed for students that have graduated from our diploma program and would like further support especially if they are working with difficult cases.

  2. Hello!
    My name is Cassandra and I am very interested in the holistic nutrition certification, I am from Mexico and currently I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I want to know what are the requirements for a foreign student? Do you have a scholarship? Are registrations open?

    Thank you
    Cassandra galicia

  3. Hi Cassandra, wonderful! We ask that you have a high school diploma or are a mature student 21 years and older. We do not have scholarships available. Yes registration is open all year so you can start when ever you are ready. Please feel free to email me from our contact page with any further questions you may have.

  4. Hello, if I received a foods and nutrition degree in another university, how do I get the holistic nutrition diploma?

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