The Importance of Continuing Education

The Importance of Continuing Education

Although our structured education system typically comes to a conclusion after the post-secondary phase, it would be safe to say that learning should never really end. Process improvements, technological advances, and the outcomes of research and development initiatives are some of the reasons why health practitioners need to keep their levels of knowledge current and avoid falling behind, and underperforming, in their chosen field.

And there are the personal rewards associated with ongoing learning too, i.e. a feeling of accomplishment that comes with proving that you can continue to learn and expand your knowledge, as well as the benefits that can be derived from repeated mental stimulation.

Online Nutrition and Holistic Courses to Strengthen Your Knowledge and Skills

All of the above factors build a strong case supporting the value of continuing education. For those professionals who are specializing in the field of nutrition, the Edison Institute of Nutrition offers a comprehensive range of online nutrition and holistic courses that are designed to strengthen your knowledge and skills and help meet your annual continuing education requirements (CEUs). The following is a synopsis of our current curriculum:

  • Advanced Nutrition Practice: A detailed study of clinical assessment protocols and practices for the nutritional prevention and treatment of disease. This course focuses on the principles of Body/Mind symptoms and their correlation to nutritional needs as well as diet protocols and supplementation in the treatment of clinical symptoms and instruction of the use of various assessment tools.
  • Business of Wellness Consulting Course: An intensive 1-on-1 mentoring program that bridges the gap between your wellness specialty and the successful operation of your wellness practice. Participants will learn how to write a business and marketing plan, create programs and workshops (for individual and corporate clients), optimize patient compliance, and establish a pricing structure to enhance their bottom line.
  • Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner: Studies the possible causes of cancer and its relationship to nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors. This segment of our online holistic courses offers an exhaustive review of current treatments (medical and natural) and the development and implementation of preventative strategies.
  • Live Cell Microscopy: An excellent tool for assessing one’s overall state of health. It entails the analysis of live blood, rather than a preserved blood sample, to reveal any irregularities/distortion of red blood cells which in turn reflects nutrition status, e.g. low levels of iron, protein, folic acid, and fatty acids. These results are then used to encourage and motivate clients to improve or modify their nutritional intake.
  • Nutritional Preceptorship Program: The tutorial mentoring of health practitioners intended to accelerate the conversion of nutritional theory into clinical practice. Skills are developed via real-life case studies or seminars facilitated by reputable speakers specializing in various areas of nutrition.
  • The Holistic Practitioner’s Toolkit: A comprehensive introduction to more than 20 companies that produce nutritional supplements and their respective product lines, to give you the knowledge and confidence to recommend options for the best results.
  • Upgrading Courses: In addition to the above specialty programs, we offer several online nutrition courses to refresh your knowledge and to maintain your accreditation on an annual basis; study topics include symptomatology, nutrient interactions with prescription medications, pediatric nutrition, sports nutrition, and more

For additional information on any/all of our online nutrition and holistic courses, including course content and materials, their duration of study, and pricing structure, please browse through Continuing Education Health and Nutrition programs.

Edison Institute’s Holistic Nutrition Program and Course Options

Whether you are currently a health professional looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of nutrition, an individual with a keen interest in becoming a nutritional consultant, or someone who would like to improve your overall health and nutrition, the Edison Institute of Nutrition offers a superb learning opportunity to satisfy your needs.

Holistic Nutrition Program and Course Options

Our Holistic Nutrition Program encompasses a wide range of online nutrition courses that support interest levels from elementary to specialist, including such options as:

  • An Introductory Program
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition
  • An Advanced Diploma Program
  • Post-Graduate Mentorship Program
  • Accelerated Program for Health Professionals

Additional information on the scope of these online holistic nutrition courses is obtainable by glancing through accredited holistic nutrition programs online.

To find the online nutrition course or courses most suitable for your professional and/or personal needs, call the Edison Institute of Nutrition at 1-800-456-9313 to speak with one of our education instructors today or contact us for further information and insight.

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