Why Attend Edison Institute of Nutrition

Established in 1996, Edison Institute of Nutrition provides in-depth distance training in integrative orthomolecular holistic nutrition and has launched thousands successful careers. The importance of nutrition for the human body has been the subject of interest for researchers and scientists since times gone by. Today, the field of nutritional science enjoys the same significance due to advancement in science and technology which has brought a new understanding of nutrition and how it affects the human body. We all understand and know very well that the human body is a wonderful organism capable of thriving and healing itself as long as the necessary nutrients and conditions are provided. So, it’s natural that the more we understand about this relationship between nutrition and a healthy body, the more we will be able to control our lives and health.

Eating Nutritious Food

Edison Institute of Nutrition was established with this very same purpose, to provide a greater understanding nutrition and its relationship with the human body. Offering a host of programs, Edison Institute combines the latest scientific research with traditional practices as a way towards a healthier and better life. Recently, people have been actively exploring traditional methods and holistic health knowledge in a bid to resolve health issues through natural approaches. Tailored to meet modern requirements, Edison Institute’s programs are meant to create leaders in the nutrition field through their excellent curriculum and training.

Along with its academic expertise which shows in their courses and curriculums, Edison Institute offers numerous other benefits to students.

Nutrition Course Through Distance Learning

Distance Education

Priding on its distance education approach, Edison Institute of Nutrition is a school without walls which caters to the need of every student no matter where they are living by offering them the comfort of studying at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes.

Direct Contact with Instructors

To ensure that students have no problems whatsoever during the timeframe of their course, Edison Institute facilitates direct contact of students with their instructors so that they reap the full benefits of the curriculum by constantly interacting with their instructors directly. Students can get in touch with their instructors through telephone, fax, internet chat group, email, FB, Skype or live webinar.

Fast Communication

Edison Institute ensures that student’s queries and responses are answered by their instructors in the shortest time frame to ensure seamless learning.

One-On-One Instruction for Every Student

Edison Institute ensures that each student receives one-on-one guidance, as needed throughout the entire length of the program. This approach enhances the student’s experience and addresses specific areas of individual needs.

Ongoing Live Monthly Webinars

Live webinars enable students to interact with each other and their instructors in an environment akin to that of a traditional classroom. This promotes discussions and exchange of ideas which help the students to study nutrition from many different perspectives leading to a better understanding and grasp of the subject.

Provide additional training

After students complete their courses, the experts at Edison Institute offer information and mentoring toward achieving their goals. This includes business development mentoring, an advanced diploma program, specialized cancer coaching and live cell microscopy to build upon their education and skills. This allows the student to pursue further training which will enable them to specialize in specific areas of nutrition.

Experienced instructors – Respected Industry Leaders

Edison Institute boasts instructors with over 20+ years of clinical experience who are very well equipped to teach and guide new students. The benefit of having experienced instructors is that they have an inside knowledge of the industry and clinical expertise so they can effectively guide their students to make them success-ready and provide them with the essential skills necessary for an exciting career.

After the Diploma

Edison Institute doesn’t just believe in handing out diplomas, but continues with ongoing support and communication to further graduates into a successful career. Edison shares career opportunities, live webinars and further education options to provide relevant information in the continually expanding and ever-growing field of nutrition.

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