Ginger Tea shown to Naturally kill Cancer

Various cultures have been stressing on the numerous health benefits of ginger since ancient times from their own experience with the root. Ginger’s use as a medicine has been observed since thousands of years, but it was only recently that science has been able to validate the amazing health benefits of this superfood. Ginger was traditionally used to treat various symptoms of cold, indigestion and nausea among many other things, but recent research has shown that Ginger is even effective at fighting cancer; 10,000 times more effective than Chemotherapy to be precise.

Ginger tea benefits

A recent research highlighted that 6-shogaol, a constituent produced when the ginger root is either cooked or dried shows some powerful cancer-combating activity. (Cite: Ginger cancer treatment) The study even showed that the cancer-fighting tendency of this compound only harmed the cancer cells while non-cancerous cells were effectively left unharmed. This is a crucial distinction from conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy which tend to affect even non-cancerous and healthy cells, thus greatly harming the overall health of the patient.

The major distinction between conventional cancer treatments and treatment using ginger is that treatments like chemotherapy fail to harm or kill cancer stem cells which are essentially responsible for creating tumor forming cells, thus leading to greater chances of the cancer coming back again. 6-shogaol, on the other hand, has shown considerable promise in fighting these cancer stem cells, although further research is still required. The two types of cancer cells most susceptible to ginger have been observed to be the ovarian and prostate cancer cells.

Along with this recently observed cancer-fighting ability of Ginger, it has numerous other benefits too which makes it highly useful. Ginger possesses powerful antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties along with having high quantities of vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals. It has also been shown to help with digestive health, boosting immunity, helping with asthma, cardiovascular diseases and relieving pain among many other uses.

Cancer killing properties of ginger

Ginger tea, a beverage made by infusing ginger in tea is one of the best ways to make use of the numerous health benefits of the ginger root. Ginger tea is extremely effective in combating the onset of cold, boosting digestive health and boosting immunity. Another way to reap the health benefits of ginger is by drinking lemon ginger tea which boasts energy-boosting, immunity-boosting, and antioxidant properties. It can also help with improving skin and hair health, regulating blood sugar levels, improving cognition and helping with fever.

While ginger tea has many amazing health benefits, the concept of moderation also applies here. In small doses, Ginger tea is extremely beneficial and helps with many health issues, but if taken it large doses, it can cause heartburn, diarrhea and upset stomach. Some people can even have a ginger allergy or their stomach might be too sensitive for the powerful ingredients of ginger which might result in the above-mentioned side-effects even with small doses.

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33 thoughts on “Ginger Tea shown to Naturally kill Cancer”

  1. Please follow the link in the article for further information on the studies. (Cite: Ginger cancer treatment)

  2. “We have lost the war on cancer.”
    In 1940s one person in twenty would get cancer. In the 1970s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1990s it dropped to one person out of ten. Today, one person out of three gets cancer in the course of their life.
    Your doctor doesn’t know about it and if you think the modern cancer approach works…think again.
    But one man did know about this plant and many other plants he used for decades to treat and cure thousands of Americans.

  3. Please tell me how much Ginger Root I should steep in hot water to make a cup of tea. The article does not specify.

    Also, the Ginger Root I get in the supermarket is the one you are speaking about?


  4. Was diagnosed with colon cancer about 2.5 months ago. I’ve been having 200grams of ginger with 50grams of Ceylon cinnamon simmered for an hour in about 2 litres of water every day. I’ve read this increases 6 Shogoals to about 8 percent. I drink this every day.
    Have also been having 7.2grams of curcumin a day.
    I feel like something positive is happening. Will have my third CT scan in January. So far no change in tumor size.

  5. Dear Sir, I have got so many Small small Tumor in my hands, arm and back side. And also in my thighs. So my question is Ginger tea will help to shrink this tumour cell. If it does then how much I will have to take per day.

  6. For a Patient with Lung Cancer, Kidney and Liver Cancer, how can the Ginger be given and how much? This is an Emergency.

  7. I am so sorry Kevin, for the diagnosis, and that we cannot make recommendations for any disease condition. The cure is never about consuming one healthy food.

  8. Regardless of one’s state of health, improving our diet will always be helpful. No one food, drink, or supplement will cure any disease.

  9. Hi Sharyear
    Dried or cooked ginger or diffused into a tea will boost immunity and has many healing benefits. Try ginger or ginger with lemon as a tea and see if there are any changes.
    Cut back if you have any stomach discomfort. Food can be an amazing healer but it is not like a pharmaceutical drug – no specific doses, amounts, or equal results for all. But, also, rarely, unless allergic, no serious side effects.

  10. Hi Dale
    Please let us know how you are doing and if your scan showed any changes. Wishing you good health.

  11. Hi Linda
    Fresh ginger root from the supermarket is great. Start with about an inch of ginger root in 8 oz of water. It depends on how strong you like it and whether or not it irritates your stomach.

  12. Has anybody suffering from pancreatic cancer, and treated with ginger, lived more than 3 years?

  13. Hi Radha
    As the article said, the studies show that ginger was very effective in fight ovarian and prostate cancer. More research needs to be done to see how it affects other cancers. Ginger has many benefits and will help but it is only one thing that you can do. If you need help, please contact to work with one of our Registered Nutritional Consultants.

  14. I am sorry but we do not have statistics on that. Cancer is a many faceted condition, a multidisciplinary approach is required and so should be the treatment. Ginger would certainly be a supportive element. Our intention is not to provide “the cure” but to inform you of what natural foods, herbs, remedies, can support the process in moving toward healing. I would suggest you follow the link in the article for more research and see if they have any further information about pancreatic cancer. Thank you for your question.

  15. It is great reading through.

    I have recommended my mum to take the Ginger and Garlic surplimenents to help reduce the risk of cancer because I want her to live love to benefit from all she has invested in her children

  16. Hi Els
    As much as you like. The only issue is that ginger can cause a burning sensation in the stomach for some people. If that is your issue, please cut back.

  17. Hi Vishesh, I do not know if there have been any specific studies on oral cancer but it has shown to be very beneficial as the studies indicate. Cancer is a multifaceted issue and must be address very many levels. Drinking ginger tea certainly will not be harmful.

  18. There is an article if you Google 6-shogaol study. Or streamed ginger and shogaol. The scientific study links. Also, for cancer FERMENTED FOODS heal the gut where you immune system lives. Scientists recently discovered almost everything is linked to your gut. Autism, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s cancer etc. heal your gut, heal your health. Kefir Sauerkraut kombucha. The key. The kefir and fermented foods have to be homemade. Google. Store bought kefir vs homemade
    Start fermenting.

  19. Hi Selena, yes this is very true. Most all health issues start from the gut or definitely have a connection to the gut. Science may be discovering this now but as natural health care practitioners we have known this for at least over 20 years. Depending on the persons health issue, kefir and fermented foods may not always be appropriate for there digestion. I always like to work with a probiotic that is derived from a human based culture rather than animal source. Thank you for your input!

  20. Hi Alison, it may be helpful. In order to shrink fibroids you will need to address your diet, insulin and blood sugar, hormones and emotions.

  21. I have been diagnosed with cancer in the rectum in fistula track… I have taken 1 oz ginger and lime grated and boiled in one litre of water condensed to 1/4th , within a day I am feeling much better. I never said it it’s my personal experience.

  22. I am a cancer patient O want know if ginger tea affect me in anyway with the medicine that I am taking the name of my meds is IBrance and I take this for 21 days and off for 7 days before I start again.Could you please let me know if this will cause any kind of bad reaction.

  23. My son had testical removed because of cancer.. He was told to go for chemo thankfully for ginger powder I gave with tumeric n honey maybe 3tjmes a week n 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda in water… June will be 2years no traces of cancer n he is fine… No pain n no meds… Most of all lots of prayer… His pet scan is clear n bloods all clear… Thank God for ginger… His oncologist says he is doing very well…

  24. I don’t believe there should be any contradiction with ginger tea and your medication but best to check with the doctor who has prescribed the medication.

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