An Exciting Add-On Tool for Nutritionists

One meal plan does not suit all!

Metabolic Balance® is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that brings balance to hormones, optimizes health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long-term weight management. It is backed by over 25 years of scientific research and is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.

The program was founded by Dr. Med. Wolf Funfack and originated in 2001 in Isen nearby Munich / Germany.
Today, Metabolic Balance® has become a global company, present in more than 35 countries, including Canada. Metabolic Balance® stands out as a truly individualized approach and is considered more of a ‘Nutrition Program’ and ‘Life Style Change ‘than a ‘Diet Program’.

The foundation of the program is Metabolic Balance’s unique capability to develop a truly personalized nutrition plan based upon an in-depth analysis of more than 30 blood values, medical history including medications and personal likes and dislikes. The personalized Metabolic Balance plan acts as a “road-map”, indicating exactly which natural foods individuals should eat in order to orchestrate the biochemical changes needed to reach desired weight and health goals.

Before making any nutritional recommendations, Metabolic Balance® requires a complete bio-chemistry and health profile analysis. Certified Metabolic Balance® Coaches receive a requisition form enabling clients to go to a local laboratory to get the required blood tests. Metabolic Balance® has a medical doctor behind the program who serves as requesting physician. The coach receives the blood work results, as well as a complete personalized meal plan guide.

The personalized nutrition plan directs clients to supply their body with all the vital and healthy nutrients it needs. Food is not selected according to calorie content or by percentage of fat, protein or carbohydrates. The criteria for food selection is based on the effect of specific foods on hormones and missing nutrients in the body. There are no prescribed injections, pills, shakes, or proprietary foods. Nor are users required to keep “points” or count calories.

Through this method a healthy and naturally balanced insulin production is promoted. Insulin is the “internal key” to the body’s weight management system, and has a substantial effect on other hormonal and enzyme production.

The program neatly fits within an existing or new business or practice, and easily gets a personal nutrition plan to clients — usually within 5 days — so they can begin to see results.

Metabolic Balance® is an add-on tool that can enhance any nutrition practice.

The metabolic balance® creed comes from ancient wisdom:
“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

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