Our top 3 faves for digestion!

Do you find it a daunting task to research all the supplements out there? Are you confused? Overwhelmed? How do you decide what to use? If you’re like me, when I started in my nutrition career, I worked with mostly one supplement product line. When I visit other clinics, I see dispensaries with products from one or two companies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it may be time to branch out and learn more.

What I’ve learned in my 19 years of practice is that no one company has everything you need to address all individual client problems. It’s really important to have a selection of tools in your toolkit. Have you ever looked at the vast selection of tools that your mechanic has? I constantly hear from students and graduates that they don’t get enough training in supplementation and what the best companies and formulas are.

How would you like to get the latest information on over 20 professional supplement lines? Get the nitty gritty, what their products are, how to use them, how they’re made.

Here’s our top 3 faves for digestion:

Ultragest – a must formula for those without a gall bladder. Ingredients exactly duplicate our own digestion. It adds to the body’s own enzymes rather than becoming a substitute for them. Pancreatin is 8X, double most other formulas. Also has Papain and Bromelain, food source enzymes to further break down proteins. Peppermint soothes and reduces flatulence. Tolerated well by most, even those with ulcers.

Pan-Ox-5 – we like this one as it is a synergistic combination that touches on support of many different areas of digestive issues. With the essentials like HCl, Pepsin, Pancreatin (4X), Enzymes and Bile, Pan-Ox 5 also has aspergillus oryza and rennin to aid in digestion/absorption; and beet root powder to help in detoxification. It also has a slight raspberry taste (just long enough to swallow it) for clients for whom the taste/smell of digestive enzymes is offensive.

Digest-gen – a great solution for all ages, easy to use with kids and elderly who can’t swallow caps or pills. A combination of phyto ingredients that target specific digestive issues.

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