Why Integrate a Cancer Protocol into your Nutrition Practice

Treating clients who are battling cancer has become a top priority for many holistic cancer practitioners. An alarming number of new cases are diagnosed each year, and many thousands die of the disease in Canada alone. Integrating a cancer protocol focused on holistic cancer treatments into your nutrition practice is the key to helping patients who are working undergoing chemotherapy and radiation supervised by medical healthcare professionals. Certified Health Care Practitioners can complete an online course to receive certification as a certified holistic cancer practitioner to assist clients who are battling cancer.

The Cancer Epidemic  

Cancer occurs when cells spread through the body unchecked through the blood and lymphatic systems. Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioners can make a difference in fighting the cancer epidemic that is currently sweeping the world. Half of newly diagnosed cancer cases are breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancers. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, in 2015 an estimated 196,900 new cases were diagnosed in Canada, and the disease caused 78,000 deaths. Approximately two in five Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime. Projections show that 63 percent of Canadians who are diagnosed with cancer will survive five years or more but one in four will die of their disease.

Becoming Certified as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner

The Edison Institute of Nutrition offers an online Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP) course open to Certified Health Care Practitioners. This course conveys certification as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner. Holistic Cancer Practitioners use a variety of methods to help cancer patients. The course provides an in-depth look at how diet and lifestyle can both cause and prevent cancer. Students will develop an understanding of cancer and its causes and learn how to implement preventative strategies and natural interventions to support traditional medical protocols. Dietary, nutritional, lifestyle and mental/emotional strategies as well as other alternative therapies will be discussed.

For further information about the Edison Institute of Nutrition online Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner course and to find out about upcoming course dates, contact the Edison Institute.

Register for the CHCP course by using this link: https://www.edisoninst.com/our-programs.html?tID=169