The Benefits Of Treating With Probiotics

Our bodies are complex systems that contain symbiotic organisms to keep us healthy. It is important to keep up the level of beneficial bacteria in order to reap the benefits of a normal microflora system as this is a major part of our immune system. When the body experiences a depletion of beneficial bacteria, nutritionists will recommend probiotics that are specific to the person and condition.

Bacteria in the Body

There is a stable microbial population of beneficial bacteria that live in the human body. Newborn babies acquire this bacteria from their mother as they pass through the birth canal, as the child grows this bacteria will evolve from the forms that are most important to a baby into the forms that the adult must maintain for good immunity. These microflora drive the immune system into maturity and balance, and allow the individual to ward off allergies, asthma, eczema and respiratory illness. The skin harbors around 1,000 billion viable bacterial, while the gastrointestinal tract contains a whopping 100,000 billion. Bacteria are also found in the respiratory system and the genito-urinary tract. A balanced and well developed micro biome help keep harmful bacteria in check.

Beneficial Effects of Helpful Bacteria

A normal flora level in the body has many health benefits. Did you know an adult should have approximately 3 pounds of beneficial flora in the gut? People with the right balance of beneficial bacteria have better absorption of nutrients and a balanced immune system that does not over react. Normal flora form a physical barrier that prevents pathological bacteria from doing harm, thereby minimizing the risk of diseases like E coli and Candida. Helpful microorganisms also have an anti-inflammatory effect and prevent allergies.

Treating a Depletion of Normal Flora with Probiotics

A depletion of beneficial bacteria can result at birth from a C-section delivery vs. a vaginal birth. A C-section delivery does not expose the child to the beneficial bacteria, only to the harmful bacteria found in the delivery room such as strep and staph. This is why it is of the utmost importance to give the newborn baby a probitoic formula specific for infants. Depletion of beneficial bacteria also results from taking antibiotics. Antibiotics will kill of all the good bacteria before the bad bacteria. This leaves the door wide open for the bad bacteria to move deeper into the body. Antibiotics also disrupt the digestive system and create an environment that will support the overgrowth of the normal fungal inhabitants leading to yeast and/or urinary tract infections. The overuse of disinfectants such as hand cleanser that contain alcohol, change the natural pH balance causing an imbalance or destruction of the beneficial bacteria on the skin disrupting our outer protective layer. You will learn more about creating a healthy gut and micro biome in many of our course at Edison Institute of Nutrition. Read more here: Pediatric Nutrition link to, the Digestive System link to

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