Studying Nutrition in 2020: What You Should Do To Prepare

As researchers continue to uncover vital links between the foods we eat and our overall health, interest in nutrition studies continues to increase. For those interested in embarking on a career in nutrition, an introductory course at an established online nutrition school such as the Edison Institute of Nutrition is the ideal way to ease into the world of holistic nutrition. Start the New Year off right with a comprehensive program in holistic nutrition that covers the basics as well as specialized topics. 

Who Benefits from an Introductory Course

Besides providing an overview of holistic nutrition principles to those who are considering a career in the field, an Introduction to Holistic Nutrition Program is perfect for practitioners in other health fields looking to expand their knowledge. An introductory program is also recommended for individuals seeking Continuing Education (CE) coursework to keep up with their licenses and maintain membership in professional organizations. Many people who are interested in the subject for their own personal health and the health of their families also register for the program.

Learning the Basics

A comprehensive introductory course for holistic nutrition covers the basics including the fundamentals of holistic nutrition. The Fundamentals of Nutrition course offers an overview that combines the insights of the East with the science of the West. This course delves into the array of vitamins and minerals that support bodily functions and the factors that affect how the body absorbs these nutrients. The course provides recommendations for healthy food sources and optimum supplementation.

Understanding Digestion

Individuals looking at nutrition schools will find that Edison Institute of Nutrition provides a detailed Digestion course that discusses digestive enzymes, food combinations, fibre and lactic bacteria. This course also highlights natural treatments for disorders including ulcers, gallstones, heartburn, malabsorption, constipation and diarrhea.

Allergies, Intolerances and Food Sensitivities

No introductory course is complete without an in-depth look at allergies along with food intolerances and sensitivities. Students will discover that food sensitivities sometimes impersonate diseases by causing similar symptoms, and learn to manage allergic responses. The Edison Allergy course expands on the concept that one person’s food is another’s poison, making the point that nutritional recommendations must be individualized to each individual.

Customize your Studies

The Introductory Program at the Edison Institute of Nutrition may be customized with coursework in specific areas of holistic nutrition. Choose to study nutrition for the young, or learn about how nutrition affects aging. This program offers coursework elucidating the mind-body connection, and students may also choose to study specific holistic nutrition recommendations for cardiac health and sports optimization.

The Edison Institute Introduction to Holistic Nutrition Program provides the foundation that can lead to a lifelong career in holistic nutrition. More information on the program!