How to Treat Clients with Multi-Vitamins

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about dietary supplements, and holistic nutritionists may wonder about the best supplements for treating clients in their nutrition practice. The following information is based on principles recommended by David W. Rowland, Master Formulator of vitamins and creator of reliable and effective formulations of mulit-vitamins.

Optimal Levels

The one-per-day multi-vitamin tablets promoted in advertisements very often contain just enough of the active ingredients to prevent diseases like pellagra, goiter, scurvy, beri beri and rickets that are deficiency induced. However, to maintain optimal health, individuals may need specific nutrients in significantly higher potencies than the amounts listed in widely disseminated tables. Therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals may require even higher amounts.

Absorption of Nutrients

As a holistic nutritionist, you want to recommend the right supplements at the appropriate dosage ingested in a way that provides optimum absorption. The hydrochloric acid that is secreted by the stomach in the digestion of food also breaks down the ingredients in supplements. The ideal method of ingesting multi-vitamin tablets is to take them with meals so they will be absorbed properly. It is also important to divide the number of tablets and take them with breakfast, lunch and dinner to give the body the opportunity to assimilate the nutrients and not overwhelm the digestive system.

Natural Vitamins

The ingredients in the vitamins and mineral supplements you recommend in your holistic nutrition practice should contain only natural molecules biologically compatible with the body. To make a judgment about supplements, it is important to understand the chemical name of vitamins.

  • Vitamin A: The chemical name of natural Vitamin A is retinol, and retinol palmitate is the natural raw material used in making the supplement. For optimum health, an adult can take 10,000 IU to 12,000 IU of Vitamin A.
  • B – Vitamins: Supplements of B – Vitamins should be natural and pure microcrystalline vitamins derived from plant or fungal sources. They should be standardized to insure potency. B – Vitamins include:
  • Vitamin B-1 or thiamine, recommended dose 50 – 100 mg
  • Vitamin B-2 or riboflavin, recommended dose 50 – 100 mg
  • Vitamin B-3 or niacinamide, recommended dose 50 – 100 mg
  • Vitamin B15 or pantothenic acid, recommended dose 100-1400 mg
  • Vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine, recommended dose 50 – 100 mg
  • Vitamin B-9 or folic acid, recommended dose 50 – 100 mg
  • Vitamin B-12, recommended dose 300-600 mcg
  • Vitamin C: The Vitamin C in supplements is ascorbic acid that is made from plant sources and is bioidentical to the ascorbate molecule made in the liver of mammals. The recommended dose is 1,500 mg. to 2,200 mg.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D-3 is cholecalciferol, the natural form of the vitamin found in supplements. Vitamin D-2 is the artificial version, which has a greater potential for toxicity.

It is important to note that some of the low potency multi-vitamin tablets or capsules contain fillers that may trigger allergic reactions. With a high-potency vitamin, fillers are rarely used. If they are needed, the responsible supplement manufacturer will use Dicalcium Phosphate which is a hypo-allergenic option.

Holistic nutrition practitioners can learn about Advanced Nutrition practices at The Edison Institute of Nutrition where coursework delves into treating clients with a variety of nutritional techniques.

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  1. I am a celiac and I want to know if the rtre vitamins are gluten free before I start taking them

  2. Hi Mark
    I checked with Vitamost and they have confirmed that RTRE and all of their products are certified gluten free.

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