How Do I Set Goals for My Nutrition Practice?

As a holistic nutritionist you have earned your certifications and you now have the background to help people with their nutritional needs. You also have hands-on clinical experience, and chances are you have achieved a substantial measure of success. However, treating clients and running a nutrition practice require different skill sets. When you are just starting out in your nutrition practice, it helps to get business advice from professionals who can help you set goals for your practice.

Write a Business Plan

Creating a detailed business plan is a good way to clarify your business objectives. A well-designed business plan can help you define your goals and develop strategies that will grow your nutritional practice. Your plan can include a description of your holistic nutritional services, the role of key people and your idea for the optimum size of your business. The business plan is the place to lay out milestones and track your results so you can assess your performance and adjust your strategies if needed. This is where you describe your ideas for obtaining the capital you need to start your business and keep it going.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Effective marketing is the key to any successful business. Writing a marketing plan can help you set marketing goals and brand your nutrition practice. The marketing plan will examine trends in the marketplace and help you determine the demographics of your potential customers. Once you target your clients, you can develop a brand message that resonates with your target audience and sets you above the competition. Your marketing plan can include advertising online and in print media, and you can incorporate public relations initiatives such as speaking engagements and corporate workshops. Partnering with local healthcare professionals and networking are highly effective marketing techniques.

Learn from the Experts

Many nutritionists setting up their own nutrition practice take advantage of courses designed to address the issues involved in setting goals. Courses such as the Business of Wellness Course

offered by the Edison Institute of Nutrition can help you write your business and marketing plan and set obtainable objectives. The course offers suggestions for establishing pricing geared toward your client demographic, writing workshops and programs, and increasing client compliance. By developing a clear vision of your business goals and implementing effective strategies to achieve them, you are well on your way toward establishing a growing nutrition practice that will improve your bottom line.