Is an Online Nutrition Certifications Cost-Effective?

Is an Online Nutrition Certifications Cost-Effective?

There is growing interest in holistic nutrition to heal the body with vitamins and whole foods in order to achieve optimum health. Holistic nutritionists hold a broader view of health and wellness outside of medical nutrition therapies, and they educate their clients about making healthy food choices.

Aspiring holistic nutritionists can become certified practitioners by studying in a traditional school setting or by studying holistic nutrition online. Many choose the online route to receiving a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the program.

Benefits of Online Nutrition School

Individuals looking for a holistic nutrition program that provides certification choose to study online for a number of reasons. Studying online allows the student to fit studying into their own schedule, which is especially important for people who are working or caring for young children at home. Online nutrition certification has the added convenience of allowing the student to go at his or her own pace and learn under the most favourable circumstances. In addition, online nutrition certification does not carry the transportation and materials costs that a traditional nutrition school does. Some consider the lower cost of an online program compared to a traditional school setting the most important factor.

Online Nutrition School Costs

Nutrition certification costs can be substantially lower online than at other competing programs that require in person, regular attendance. Students studying holistic nutrition at a traditional school typically take the program as part of an associate’s, bachelors or master’s degree that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, online programs can cost under $4K USD.

  • Practitioner Program, Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN):

At the Edison Institute, the Practitioner Program leading to a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN) cost as little as $3,570 CAD for tuition and $1,117.26 CAD for texts, for a total of $4,687.27 CAD or $3,554.00 US. The one payment plan for tuition is $3,060.00 CAD or $2,320.17 US for tuition, a savings of $510.00 CAD over the pay-as-you-learn plan where you pay by module.

  • Advanced Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (ADHN):

To continue with coursework for an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (ADHN) at the Edison Institute of Nutrition, the tuition is $1,540 CAD and $491.18 CAD for texts, for a total of $2,031 CAD or $1,539.95 US.

For those who are interested in transferring credit, a non-refundable $50 CAD Credit Transfer Assessment Fee is required.

It’s clear that taking an online course for nutrition certification at the Edison Institute of Nutrition is a more convenient and cost-effective way of obtaining holistic nutrition certification than more traditional programs.