A Metabolic Approach to Holistic Nutrition

A Metabolic Approach to Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutritionists can add another dimension to their practice by incorporating a metabolic approach to holistic nutrition. The Metabolic Balance program was developed in Germany in 2002, and it is designed to help clients reach their desired weight and health goals. Holistic nutritionists can learn about metabolic balance as part of their continuing education at the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

The Importance of Metabolism

The metabolism has been described, as the body’s powerhouse that provides needed energy that sustains life. The body uses the metabolic process to break down food and transform it into substances that provide and transport energy needed for activities and bodily functions. Metabolism can differ from person to person, which explains why people with similar diet and exercise routines may have a range of physical diversity. Malfunctions of the metabolic process can result in serious health problems such as weight gain and diabetes, where blood sugar is not metabolized properly.

The Metabolic Balance Program

The Metabolic Balance program uses a holistic food approach to target the root cause of metabolic problems. By diagnosing how an individual stores and ultimately releases fat and energy in the body, the program can use “food chemistry” to correct imbalances in the body for optimum metabolic health.

An Individual Approach

Holistic nutritionists can learn how to implement a customized nutritional plan to regulate metabolism and promote the ideal body weight for each individual. The Metabolic Balance program is based on 36 blood values that are assessed in conjunction with each client’s unique health history and profile. Everyone needs a different combination of nutrients to maintain the optimum weight and provide energy. Metabolic Balance is a 100 percent natural system designed to achieve permanent weight loss and provide the nutrients that are deficient in the body.

Metabolic Balance, a Success Story

Metabolic Balance is now a global company with outreach to more than 35 countries worldwide. The program is based on more than 25 years of scientific research, and over half a million clients have found success with Metabolic Balance.

Edison Institute is proud to announce an affiliate program that will enable holistic nutritionists to become a Metabolic Balance coach for the benefit of clients.

2 thoughts on “A Metabolic Approach to Holistic Nutrition”

  1. Hello, I am becoming a nutritionist in Canada. I would like to learn more about metabolism because I have the problem. I have an excellent nutritionist right now who is helping me. He has visited and traveled Europe and has more than a limited North American philosophy. I would like to understand for myself about metabolism and how to pinpoint a clients problem areas once we have the nutrition and exercise habits in place.

  2. Hi Xenia, we do offer a continuing education program call Metabolic Balance. Here you will learn a great deal about this subject. Please see this link on our websitehttps://www.edisoninst.com/our-programs/affiliate-programs/metabolic-balance/

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