Look where Edison graduate Liza Rowan is taking her business and nutrition knowledge!!

Firstly, I just want to say that through my studies at EIN, and particularly the case studies, I realised that I truly had found my passion. I really wanted to do nothing else but motivate and educate people to take control of their own health and happiness.

Upon graduating, I wasn’t sure of the exact direction I wanted to go in, apart from the above ‘calling’. Here in Singapore, once people heard I was a nutritionist, and particularly of “Holistic” background, they become extremely interested and asked many questions. So I decided to devise my own course which would give some technical knowledge around macro and micronutrients, along with much practical advice on reading labels, understanding organics, GMO, and so on. I was also aware that this information is available in books and online should people want – however it needed to be taught in a structured and practical way. Additionally, with my corporate experience, I truly believe in the power of setting long term goals and short term tasks in order that we make change. Therefore my course is also a practical tool in that we write and share food/health journals, write and reflect on goals etc week to week. Finally, the fun element is important – together with participants we share successes and challenges, bring in new cooked foods to try, share menu plans and recipes etc.

My first course was literally given to a group of friends in my home. As my proceeds help a children’s shelter in Cambodia, I wanted to keep costs to a minimum. So I paid to get the ‘bones’ of a website set up, and then learned the skills to write and develop it. I also put time in to learning other software tools so that I could blog, send newsletters and write good articles. For marketing I contacted schools and social clubs, along with online forums. I never refused the chance to talk to a group of people – be that 50 kids in a school (a fun practical) or to a group of working ladies at lunch time. My advice would be to grab every opportunity to network and present your knowledge and passion, as you never know when your next customer is listening. Watch Liza’s interview on live TV

Many of my clients, for consultancy or group courses, are referrals from existing clients – I tell my “graduates” all the time that they are my best marketers. We keep in touch through online forums, and I host get together groups every few months whereby I bring in a guest speak in another area of holistic health. My clients bring a healthy dish, or their own new recipe, so we all enjoy a healthy lunch, and this is always good fun.

Another way to grow your business is to collaborate with like minded providers of complimenting products and services – a great way to get more clients and referrals. I also write a lot of articles for local magazines and online forums, and this content can be reused in newsletters and future blogs.

I tell my clients that I am living proof that our dreams do come true. I show them notes I wrote 8 years ago in Toronto when my kids were toddlers – I wrote down goals that I wanted to retrain in Nutrition, have my own business and support a kids charity. Now here I am, living in the other side of the world, considering how I take my business to the next level so that I can have a wider reach in helping people become healthier, and ultimately lead happy, longer and more fulfilling lives.